That “Last-Minute” Cornell To-Do List

It’s Monday, and I finally leave for college on Thursday. No big deal, right? (Oh, and I admit it–I was wrong with my original countdown in the previous post. I leave the 19th, not the 17th.) I’m the first one of my friends to leave, but it’s probably because I’m the only one that hasn’t had orientation yet–Cornell has it right before school starts. Plus, I’m doing a Hillel “Freshman Fest” Thursday and Friday, which from what I understand is a campout for one night: yet another chance to be introduced to the Cornell community (and Hillel).

All of the stuff that I’d bought for Cornell is now taking up almost a full room in my house, and I honestly have no idea how we’re going to fit it all into the car. I mean, the printer that I got for free with the MacBook is practically the size of an air conditioner, and that could take up a seat itself. Take a look for yourself at the disarray…


Just to randomly point three items out:

  1. A tailgating chair that I figure would be great to have in a dorm when you don’t feel like sitting on your bed, or in the hard desk chair (think: reading, listening to music, watching a movie, etc.)
  2. Sunglasses! The idea of bringing them is laughable to some, considering I’m going to upstate NY for college…but even in January the sun can strike against the snow, making it hard to see
  3. Gatorade–one of those drinks that’s always great to have, whether you’re exercising, not feeling well, or just like the taste. It’s definitely up there with Dr. Pepper (which, from what I’ve heard, Wegmans does stock!)
Cornell Club of Arizona

A picture from the Cornell Club of Arizona website...I thought it was a pretty cool Photoshop effect.

Tonight I’m going to a Send-Off Picnic put together by the Cornell Club of Greater Hartford. It should be interesting, and yet another glimpse as to what awaits in 4 days. Up until recently, I had no idea that these sorts of clubs existed…but they seem like a cool idea and definitely show how strong and diverse the alumni network is.  Out of pure curiosity, I decided to turn to Google to see how many “Cornell Clubs” there are like this; man, was I surprised–there are a ton of ’em! There’s a Cornell Club of New Mexico, one in London, one in Beijing, and one in Wisconsin (among many others). It’s good to know that after I’m touring Big Ben or the Great Wall and need a dose of the Big Red, I’ll be able to satisfy my whim. I mean, I’m not sure why exactly I’d need a dose of the Big Red…but you get the point.

I found out my freshman writing seminar last week; I was placed in Cigarette Cultures, which, according to the course description, “considers how a range of communities are constituted in relation to the cigarette industry.” While I have never touched a cigarette in my life, the tobacco industry is one of the most fascinating to me (I told you I thought business was cool), so I’m definitely looking forward to the class.

In the meantime, I’ll go get back to enjoying my last 3 days of summer…

5 thoughts on “That “Last-Minute” Cornell To-Do List

  1. Julie Bestry

    David, reading your post, I find myself shocked to realize that next week marks 25 years since I packed up my mom’s station wagon and headed off for my freshman year at Cornell. I’m sure any advice I could offer would sound as dated to you as the words I heard from late 50s/early 60s “coeds” during my first Homecoming weekend. I’ll just say good luck, and even though you’re sure you’ll remember, keep track of the names in of the people in your photos. I envy you this next period in your life, more than I can say. Enjoy!

  2. Janet Rubin


    1975 must seem like a long ago time ago to you, but it seems like yesterday to me… that is when your mother and I began our freshman year at Cornell. I’m so excited that you are going to have the Cornell experience (and we get to have it with you by reading your blog). I hope you do as well as I did with your roommate. Wishing you the best!!

  3. Page

    Hi David!

    I’m a prospective student from Canada and I’ll be applying to Cornell in the fall (ED- scary since it’s 2 months away! ) I just discovered your blog and have been reading it for these past few days and have to say that I really enjoy reading about your time before and will-soon-be at Cornell! I’m jealous that you get to make all those little decisions like meal plans and gym memberships about Cornell. 🙂

    I think we’re kind of similar since I also speak French (well, not fluently) and Chinese; and I also want to major in Econ (and Math). So I’m really looking forward to finding out what life is like there!

    Also, since I saw that DADOES’s the required reading, I just got one (I work at a library so it was easy 🙂 ) and will be reading it. Seems very interesting!

    Finally, I’d love to learn more about your whole application process/experience and I really appreciate you sharing about Cornell!

    (sorry if I rambled on too much. I tend to do that.) 🙂

  4. nike shox

    I think we’re kind of similar since I also speak French and Chinese; and I also want to major in Econ. So I’m really looking forward to finding out what life is like there!

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