Daily Archives: August 7, 2010

10 days.

Okay. 10–TEN–days left at home. I can officially count the number of days that I have left in West Hartford on my two hands, and the fact that it’s almost time to go is definitely coming as a shock to someone that started looking at colleges the summer of junior year.

Even though my job as a camp counselor was over in late July, I’ve still been keeping myself surprisingly busy–doing everything from going to the pool, hanging out with friends, and making frequent trips into Manhattan.

Maybe it was because of the famed Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, or the nice summer weather…but somehow, it took me forever to dsfsget through the required summer reading book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Some people have asked me if I liked it, and to be honest, I’m not quite sure what I thought. It obviously wasn’t the kind of page-turner that kept me up until 3 in the morning…but it was an interesting concept that kept me captivated throughout the book.

For someone that has never had to sign up for a college class before, I have to say that this whole scheduling thing can be pretty stressful. It basically involves a lot of playing around with the coursebook, trying to get what you want. So far, it looks like I’m taking a French, Economics (Macro, I think I’ll start out with), math (which has yet to be decided), and the freshman year writing seminar (FWS).

For the FWS, I basically have to rank my top 5 choices, and I guess they randomly assign them based on your preferences. There were a lot of classes that looked great, but didn’t fit into my schedule which is kind of disappointing…ah well. I have some choices that look interesting, including one on Obama, another on climate change, and a cigarette industry one.First-Year Writing Seminars - Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines-1

I’ve realized that I also probably should get started on this whole “packing” thing. As tempting as it is to just throw a couple pairs of jeans and t-shirts into a bag and head up to Ithaca, it’s much more complicated than that. Looking over suggested packing lists online (this is a good one), there’s a lot of stuff that I’ve never even thought about bringing. Blankets? Headphones? Yeah sure, those would definitely have made my original packing cut. But surge protectors? Ziploc bags? Who on earth remembers these kind of things? One smart commenter suggested bringing a fan for the first couple of months, because Donlon doesn’t have air conditioning. That sounds like a great idea, does anyone else have any suggestions?

I guess I’ll keep writing as the days get closer and closer…but that seems to be it for now.