How many days left?

As I write this, August is right around the corner–and that means the start of college in Ithaca isn’t too far off either!

July at Treman State Park in Ithaca

July at Treman State Park in Ithaca

Thanks to Lisa at the Office of Web Communications (OWC), Candid at Cornell is now visible on the Cornell websiteTwitter feed, and on Facebook.  I have to say, something that I really find awesome is the amount of e-mails, comments, and Facebook messages that I’ve been getting from upperclassmen and alumni, filled with encouraging words and advice; it’s so cool. For such a huge university that’s diverse in every sense of the word (I mean…where else can you find people studying hotel administration and engineering across the road from each other?), it’s amazing that there’s such a strong overall Cornell community that so many people have been reaching out to wish me well. Haha, if so many Cornellians are this eager to talk now…I imagine that the blow will be softened when I try to enter the job market in a couple of years, knowing that there are 250,000 living alumni (among them Bill Nye the Science Guy…for the record).Cornell University - Student Life - Life on the Hill

As I have less than a month before I’m out of the Nutmeg State and the town I’ve lived in for 18 years, I’m not quite sure what I’m thinking. I’m not really fixated about the big picture–finally moving out and being on my own; Instead, I’m kind of thinking about the buildup of small changes that I’ll have to make in my life. I’ve been going to the same Supercuts to get my haircut for $14.95 for as long as I remember…so I guess I’ll have to find a new place in Ithaca (recommendations would be great, haha). Also, I had my appendix out in April of this year at the UCONN hospital in Connecticut…where would I have gone if I was at Cornell? Most importantly…does the Wegmans supermarket in Ithaca stock Dr. Pepper? Okay, it’s obviously not most important…but I’d like to know.

Let me talk about housing for a second. I was placed (randomly) into a double in Mary Donlon hall. I’m really psyched, as I know it’s going to be great. It’s known to be the “social dorm,” if you will; I guess due to its’ layout it’s more conducive to meeting other people and socializing. Do I wish that the dorms were newer, like the ones in Court-Kay-Bauer? Ehh, probably. But I really don’t mind that much, and I think Donlon was renovated in 2003.

5 bars everywhere!

5 bars everywhere!

One other plus of Donlon: there are cell towers on the roof. That means I’ll be able to get cell service practically anywhere in my dorm, and probably everywhere on Cornell’s campus. Yeah, I know…it’s not that big of a deal, but it’s nice to know that AT&T has me covered (like on those commercials). Hopefully there’ll be no radiation or anything…

Also, among the many things that Cornell requires all incoming freshman to complete is Alcohol-Wise, an online alcohol education course. I think I’m the only one of my friends that had to do something like this, so I guess Cornell really feels we should really be knowledgeable about alcohol/drinking. It was definitely pretty interesting…at least I can tell people that I passed my first Cornell test.

Oh, and for all those that read earlier posts, my final report was finally received by Cornell! I’m sure you lost a lot of sleep over it worrying (not), but everything is all set in that regard and I’m good to go!

Looking over some of the Cornell Life on the Hill blogs from the graduating seniors, I’m realizing that I kind of have big shoes to fill. Matt, Tim, and Alex‘s blogs were, to say the least, phenomenal, and I hope I’ll be able to contribute as much to the Life on the Hill project as they did.

12 thoughts on “How many days left?

  1. Katherine

    Hey, I’m an incoming freshman from upstate NY and I just wanted to let you know that Wegmans is unbelievable. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I chose Cornell because I’ve grown up with one and no other grocery store compares to it. If you’ve never been to one you’ll discover that you’ll never want to shop at another store (and yes, they have Dr. Pepper, and even a generic brand that’s way cheaper and just as good)

  2. OC

    Yup a lot of people were so excited to see The Science Guy when he visited campus this year!

    Also, you can get $10/haircuts in Collegetown every Sunday, and there is a 24/7 supermarket stocked with Dr. Pepper in CT (Wegmans is a fairly far trip if you don’t have a car)

    Welcome to Cornell! 🙂

  3. Hannah

    First of all, of course you can get Dr. Pepper at Wegman’s (in addition to, like, everything else you can think of, ever).

    I looked at Matt’s blog and started skimming it and I couldn’t keep reading it because it was making me too sad to think about the fact that I’ve graduated! Your blog is much more exciting and happy! 😉

    As for AT&T coverage on campus, it’s spotty as hell – sorry to disappoint. I wouldn’t give up my iPhone for any other carrier, though, so you learn to deal. I imagine that with Donlon’s cell towers you’ll be pretty much fine there, anyway.

    Pro tip: buy a fan before you get to campus. Most of the dorms aren’t air conditioned, and I was more grateful for my little fan on move-in day than I was for anything else, I think. Also, be nice to your orientation staff – they get up really early and work hard all day for you guys. Even if they do love it. 🙂

  4. Jonathan Roman

    Goto the Big Red Barbershop on Dryden Ave. its up the block (opposite of going down the hill) and the lady there gives good cuts and its cheap. Congrats on coming to Cornell. Have fun at Orientation.

  5. 08 Alumnae

    I lived in Donlon my freshman year and I loved it! During my time I considered Donlon as one of the cleanest dorms (besides the newest dorms at the time which were Mews & Court Hall–not sure what they’re called now). I know before the renovation it was called “Dusty Donlon” but then now it’s all carpeted so it’s fine.

    Donlon is definitely one of the most social dorms. We used to do puzzles in our lounge, or just hang out in the hall ways and chat or meet random people in the elevator.

    However, it does get pretty hot in Donlon on the top floors (it can be super humid in the summer) so be sure to get a fan! Make sure you don’t burn popcorn in the microwave–the whole building has been evacuated multiple times because of that!

  6. lacey

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