Recent Publications

Choo E & Dando R (2017) The Impact of Pregnancy on Taste Function. Chemical Senses 42(4): 279-286

Kapaun CL & Dando R (2017) Deconvoluting physical and chemical heat: temperature and spiciness influence flavor differently. Physiology and Behavior 170: 54–61

Martin N, Carey N, Murphy S, Kent D, Bang J, Stubbs T, Wiedmann M, & Dando R (2016) Exposure of fluid milk to LED light negatively affects consumer perception and alters underlying sensory properties. Journal of Dairy Science 99:6, 4309-4324

De Jesus T & Dando R (2016) The Need for Study of Led Light’s Capacity to Damage Fluid Milk. Journal of Food Processing and Dairy Technology 5:1 ePub ahead of print

Noel C and Dando R (2015) The effect of emotional state on taste perception. Appetite 95: 89-95

Dando R (2015) The plasticity of taste function links the appetitive taste of fats with obesity. Chemosensory Perception 8(2): 53-60

Yan K and Dando R (2015) A crossmodal role for audition in taste perception. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 41(3): 590-596

Dando R*, Pereira E*, Kurian M*, Barro-Soria R, Chaudhari N and Roper SD (2015) A Permeability Barrier Surrounds Taste Buds in Lingual Epithelia. Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 308(1), C21-C32

Dando R and Roper SD (2012) Acetylcholine is released from taste bud cells and augments taste responses. J Physiol  590 (13) 3009-3017

Dando R* , Dvorianchikov G*, Pereira E , Chaudhari N and Roper SD (2012) Adenosine functions endogenously to shape taste signaling through A2B receptors in the taste bud.  J Neurosci  32(1):322-330 *equal contribution

Dando R and Roper SD (2011) Controlling what we eat: How circulating  peptide hormones influence taste and appetite. The Biochemist  33(6):14-17

Rodriguez-Diaz R*, Dando R*, Huang YJ, Roper SD, Berggren PO, Caicedo A (2012) Real time detection of acetylcholine release from the human endocrine pancreas. Nature Protocols 7(6) 1015-1023 *equal contribution

Rodriguez-Diaz R*, Dando R*, Jacques-Silva MC, Fachado A, Molina J, Berggren PO, Roper SD, Caicedo A (2011) Acetylcholine is released by human alpha cells as a paracrine signal to prime beta cell insulin secretion. Nature Medicine 17(7):888-92  *equal contribution

Dando R (2010) Endogenous peripheral neuromodulators of the mammalian taste bud. J Neurophysiol 104: 1835-1837

Dando R (2009) Examining the neglected side of calcium regulation in taste cells. J Physiol  587(23) 5523-5524

Dando R and Roper SD (2009) Cell-to-cell communication in taste buds via ATP signaling and pannexin gap junction hemichannels. J Physiol 587(24): 5899-906

Huang YJ, Dando R and Roper SD (2009) Autocrine and paracrine roles for ATP and Serotonin in mouse taste buds. J Neurosci, 29(44):13909-18

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