Waste Management at the Processing Plant – webinar

Click here for recorded 70-minute webinar.

Managing, treating and removing solid waste and wastewater often comes at a significant cost for small-scale meat processing facilities.  For those new to meat processing, or those looking for new ideas for their plant, this webinar will provide a general overview on waste management for both solid waste and wastewater.  Wastewater management, basic systems and pre-treatment options, and regulations will be discussed along with solid waste streams (things like manure, bones, trim, etc.) and solutions for dealing with those various waste streams.

A Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network webinar

Speakers: Thomas M. Bass of Montana State University Extension, Jean Bonhotal of Cornell Waste Management Institute and Brian H. Kiepper of University of Georgia.

Jean Bonhotal Receives US Composting Council Award

Jean Bonhotal was awarded the distinguished Rufus Chaney Award by the US Composting Council at the USCC Annual Conference and Trade Show in January 2015 in Austin, TX. The award goes to recipients who excel in research and education over a period of many years. Jean has djean awardedicated her career at the Cornell Waste Management Institute to research and technical assistance to a range of audiences, including youth, college students, extension, farmers and solid waste managers.

Webcasts (archived) “Livestock Mortality Composting: Beyond the Basics”

A two-part series “Livestock Mortality Composting: Beyond the Basics” sponsored by Livestock and Poultry Environmental (LPE) Learning Center and can be viewed at: Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 covers: pile characteristics for effective composting, management and environmental considerations when siting and managing composting facilities, and mortality compost nutrients for on-farm use. Part 2 covers: drug and prion persistence in piles, worker safety, and mortality composting resources.

“Safe Urban Gardening” The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences newest release in it’s Environmental Health Chat podcast series

The podcast examines why soil contamination makes gardening potentially risky in some areas. Cornell Professor Murray McBride, Ph.D., and Hannah Shayler, an extension associate with the Cornell Waste Management Institute, discuss a recent survey of New York City garden soil and what you can do to protect your family from contamination. Listen to the podcast.

For more information on the research, go to the Healthy Soils, Healthy Communities website.