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What a bum have I become?

There are many a stereotype about college students. We are lazy, messy, will not make it to a meeting before 10 AM, can’t do laundry…and as a fine fraternity gentleman, I take even more heat since the ‘stereotypers’ assume that I drink my face off almost every night of the week surrounded by various other drugs and brothers.

I would like to dispel almost all of the stereotypes right now. I do laundry frequently (I even brought an iron to school), I live an organized mess, I really don’t drink that often and definitely don’t do drugs. But there is one stereotype that I will admit I am fully fulfilling.

I am a lazy sack of shit these days. I had a meeting with an ILR adviser who had to approve my 19 credits (the limit in ILR without consent is 18) at 9 :30. It was a very short meeting and I was back in my room by 10. My first thought: “Score. I can sleep until 12 since my class isn’t until 12:20!”

Who the hell am I? In high school, I was never allowed to sleep past 9 (mom’s rules). Even here at college, if I sleep until almost 11, I feel that I have wasted an entire day. So seriously? What was I thinking?

The only explanation that I can offer is that later in the semester, I will absolutely take advantage of the time to sleep since there is so much work that needs to be done ALL the time. My 2 am bedtime in November will be because I was studying (alright cramming and praying) for a prelim instead of like last night where I was just watching Entourage (On the real, I have never really watched it so I am just starting, but what a waste of a show. Maybe it is just that season 1 sucks, but if it doesn’t get better soon then I am giving up for good. Awful television.)

I digress, we here in Ithaca only have 2 months when it is bearable to go outside and my first thought was to get back in bed? I am shocked and appalled at what I have become. I am off to run. Or bike. Or read a book on the porch. Fine, a nap in the sun…