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Most Practical Class Ever

We go to University to learn and prepare for the “real world”. After my summer in the “real world”, I cannot wait to go back to school (yes, I head back to Ithaca in 7 days, 16 hours and 7 minutes. Not a joke) But this summer in the “real world” has taught me that maybe college isn’t such a waste. Those Professors that stand there and lecture for 50 minutes on a beautiful Friday about important or mundane topics, yea, they actually aren’t too far off.

One of my brothers worked at the same prestigious bank as I did this summer and we would frequently trade emails complaining about this that or the other thing. The┬ámost common complaint between the two of us, why can’t people use Microsoft Office.

I know that some people are born as computer people and others are born to be the subject of the computers will, spite, and naturally evil tendencies. No matter which group you are, take a Desktop Applications class. Both the Hotel school and ILR offer them, and I am sure someone else does too. But seriously, it is the class that I have utilized the most since I took it. Not only did I stick out time and time again because of my impressive (although wildly basic) powerpoints, but I scored major points with the chicks in the office. They were all like “oh, come help me” and I was all like “yeaaaaaa” (on a serious note though, I was working at a prestigious bank, yet they can’t afford Office 07. For serious people?)