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Top 25 you say??

A Sea of MaizeMy younger sister goes to the University of Michigan. Being raised a die-hard Notre Dame fan, I was very opposed to this, but decided that I would support her by visiting during a football weekend to watch the Wolverines take on the Fighting Irish.

Growing up in Big-10 country, I know how big sports schools are. Having attended Cornell, I thought I would be able to handle myself, I mean we camp out overnight for hockey tickets. To me, that meant I could almost hold my own. I was wrong.

Michigan on a football weekend is unreal. I have never seen so many drunk and happy people in one place. And I knew so many people there, and managed to accidently run into almost every single one of them. Even though Notre Dame lost in what was the single best football game I have EVER seen, I had an absolute blast. (But the girls I was staying with wouldn’t let me wear my Notre Dame stuff because that would have endangered them. People would have thrown stuff at me, and them because they were with me. Wow…)

Needless to say, I returned to Cornell, only to remeber that while we have more varsity sports programs than any SEC or Big-10 school, we aren’t quite on their level. Until now…

Top 25!!! In the country! Sure, it isn’t the AP poll, but that is pretty awesome. Of the Cornell Basketball teams 3 (Yea, I said it, 3) losses, two of them came to teams with a combined record of 42-2. The other one, to Big East power Seton Hall. And it hasn’t just been lowly lousy teams we’ve beaten: ‘Bama, Davidson, St. John’s, Massachusetts. Oh, and all of those wins were on the road. It has been predicted that they could be seeded as high as 9th come the Madness in March.

My hat is off to the men of the Cornell basketball team. After crushing Harvard last weekend, and getting ready to face Brown and Yale this weekend, they are bringing some real pride to this campus.


My 2 Goals at Cornell

I applied to be a tour guide freshman year. One of the questions that they asked was “What are your goals over the next four years and how will you accomplish them?” My witty, yet highly under-appreciated, answer was to not die. I will accomplish this by wearing a scarf to not catch hypothermia, studying so my mom doesn’t choose to murder me for my grades, and cutting my food so as to not choke. Needless to say, I had to find other sources of employment…

In actuality, I have two goals at Cornell: to have a sandwich named after me at either the Hot Truck or CTB, and to become “that cowbell guy”. My biggest problem with the sandwich is that I haven’t created anything so spectacular that everyone else wants to order it. So my name won’t forever be eternalized on the chalk board at CTB. Oh well…

As for being “that cowbell guy”, well hopefully, I’m on my way. For those that don’t know, the Cowbell Guy is a fabled tradition here at Cornell. He shows up to the hockey games, virtually every hockey game, with a cow bell.  A tradition started in 1972, it is played halfway through the 2nd period and again halfway through the 3rd. It has become a sort of lineage, with the cowbell passed down from die-hard fan to die-hard fan. My quest, to be come that guy.

Intramural Hockey

In one of my classes last semester, we learned about how the media tends to over-hype some events, but then let’s the events “disappear” essentially. For example: Bird flu. Remember how 1 out of 3 of us was supposed to die because of it? Too bad it never made a Human-to-Human jump. Or how Anthrax was supposed to get us all too? Yea, there were what, 5 0r 6 actual cases? Whoops. The media is a manipulating and conniving group that is out to ruin the world, but then totally drops the subject so that we forget it happened.

Something similar happened when I turned to the back page of the Daily Sun on Tuesday September 1, 2009. I saw John Forman of the Sun staff staring up at me with the worst news I ave heard all year. “Intramural Hockey Axed in Budget Cut”. This was the media killing us again. But this time, I refuse to let it die. As a new member of the media, I demand my voice is heard. From up on the hill, I will yell to students, new, young, prospective, and old:


Ithaca is a hockey haven. In the winter, there is almost nothing else to do! This was the biggest intramural sport. Not only were the fraternities and sororities cut-throat in the Fall, but the sailing team, engineering grad students, and all sorts of other groups posted strong teams in the Spring. Never mind the crappy reffing, the dull rental skates, nor the goalies that couldn’t save a beachball. No matter what, people were smiling, laughing, and active.

Cornell, like the rest of the world, had to tighten the belt during the recession. That means salaries were frozen, retirements incentivized, and departments restructured. But for some reason, the University continues to build buildings that they do not have all of the funding for and take away from the overall student life experience. Forman quoted Interim Intramural Director, Jeremy Pickard, in his article as saying that we will probably not see IM hockey again until after we graduate. But Milstein Hall, the huge project that has shut down University Ave and has yet to secure the appropriate funding, is scheduled to be completed in Fall of 2011. Hockey “likely” wont be back before then, even though it costs probably a tenth of the massive debt that will be incurred on the building.

What further irks me is that there are classes in places like the Hotel School where there are 8 or 9 PAID TAs for an 80 person class, but we cannot have hockey. (Update: Auto-Tutorial Physics TAs are paid $30/hr to merely show up to a computer lab. First of all, I need that job, second of all, THAT HAS TO BE A JOKE). Cornell hasn’t cut the grass on half of the slope this year, and hockey, Cornell’s staple, falls into that category. I will volunteer my referee abilities (AND I am a certified ref. Unlike some of those guys…that’s right Murray. I’m calling you out…). I’ll drive the Zamboni for free. And sharpen skates. And walk the streets with a tin can. Whatever we need to do, just hockey, come back!