Time flies

Four years.

When I see that in print, it feels fake. Events have begun to meld together in my past; in conversations with friends about their summer travel plans I told someone that I had been to Costa Rica in 2003. Turns out, I was three years off, but time, events, most of my life really, has all melded into a BC era–Before College (or ‘Before Cornell’ technically…)

The worst part of this to me is that I can remember conversations I had freshman year. Where posters were placed on walls Sophomore year. Which class I skipped Junior year. And the mileage on my car when I sold it senior year. I am far too rapidly approaching the end of my college career and the whole thing seems fake to me. I am living in state of denial.

My brother was accepted to Cornell. He can’t figure out why I am upset about this; it is because he gets to spend the next four years here…