Time flies

Four years.

When I see that in print, it feels fake. Events have begun to meld together in my past; in conversations with friends about their summer travel plans I told someone that I had been to Costa Rica in 2003. Turns out, I was three years off, but time, events, most of my life really, has all melded into a BC era–Before College (or ‘Before Cornell’ technically…)

The worst part of this to me is that I can remember conversations I had freshman year. Where posters were placed on walls Sophomore year. Which class I skipped Junior year. And the mileage on my car when I sold it senior year. I am far too rapidly approaching the end of my college career and the whole thing seems fake to me. I am living in state of denial.

My brother was accepted to Cornell. He can’t figure out why I am upset about this; it is because he gets to spend the next four years here…

The day print media died

I picked up a New York Times today, Monday May 2, 2011. I did thisĀ  because I have a habit of collecting front pages. It is a trait that I inherited from my family. I have Obama’s election, every Yankees World Series win in my lifetime (thanks Grandma!), my Grandfather had the falling of the Berlin Wall, and so forth. In light of last night’s events, I went to grab a copy of the paper today. I didn’t grab the USA Today that had the headline “Osama Bin-Laden is Dead, Obama Says” but instead, I grabbed the New York Times which had no mention anywhere of Bin-Laden’s death. I grabbed this one because print media is dead.

This isn’t a new statement, or really even really a bold statement. People have been saying this for years, but the events of May 1, 2011, prove that social media is our news outlet. It wasn’t the revolutions in Egypt or Iran that did this; Twitter nor Facebook were widespread enough throughout these countries to have such an incredible impact. But everyone I talked to today found out about the death of Bin-Laden through some sort of status update, whether it was Twitter or Facebook, BBM status or text message. Therein lies the true power of social media That is it. That is the nail in the coffin for print media. “All the News That’s fit to Print”, and the New York Times doesn’t have arguably the largest event since 9/11.

On a side note, Cornell went crazy. There were fireworks, people driving around with flags and all sorts of tomfoolery. Pictures to follow!