What with the nature of the internet and blogosphere and all, my website seems to get found semi-frequently and the ensuing comments that accompany this finding can get to be pretty hilarious. Of course, I frequently get the adoring fans, sometimes a few cute girls I know, very rarely my family, and just once from any of my roommates.  I love it when perspective students leave comments or fill out my form, but I also love some of the more obscure comments.

Spam has been around since the beginning of the interwebs, and I have been unable to escape it–but this is the source of my more obscure comments. On any given post I will ge tthings saying “I find your writing inspirational and insightful” or “I have never thought about it that way. Thanxs for the purspective”. People, I just wrote about the weather. That is what you talk to your grandparents on the phone about. It is not motivating, deep, or really even all that interesting. The other funny thing about my spam is who it comes from; I frequently hear from “Big Breasts” “Larger Breasts” and “Biggest Breasts”. I don’t know if they are sisters with unfortunate names or what…

Spring Break

I went to Hawaii for a week with my family. Sure i ditched the Dominican Republican with a third of the senior class, but the rest and relaxation has been unprecedented. My brothers and I have spent plenty of time kicking a soccer ball and enjoying the scenery. Life is easy.

Life. Is. Easy.
Life. Is. Easy.


The Wines class at Cornell is one of the signature senior “electives”. I don’t even like Wine that much, but I enrolled because that was what most of the other seniors that I know were doing. And I wanted to have the wine case that becomes a status symbol on campus.

The class isn’t too bad. A lot of people complain about the assigned seating, but I was lucky enough to sit next to my buddy Tom. Our row is pretty laid back too. The people around us, not so much. But I will not apologize for the fact that we are having a great deal more fun than the rest of you.

So as the stories go, the Wines class at Cornell has been given special recognition in the charter of New York State that hotel students under the age of 21 are eligible for the class, but that is the only exception to the drinking age in New York State. Doesn’t affect me that much since I am 22…

One thing that is particularly funny about the class is how the demeanor changes from the start to the end. You’re invited to spit out the wines we taste, but also invited to drink them. Well the girls in the row frequently out Frat me, and drink even the wines that taste awful. But this means that a great many of them are pretty buzzed by the time the last 20 minutes of class roll around and the classroom seems to get much louder than it has been all class.

Our midterm is on Tuesday. In all four years at Cornell, I haven’t seen so many people stressed out about something so menial. Wines can only be taken pass/fail, which means it has no impact on anyone’s GPA. And as long as you can accumulate 251 points all semester, you pass the class. But for some reason, everyone is going NUTS studying for it.

The professor posted study questions to consider, so of course a friend of mine sent me a study guide. Then another friend did. And soon, a friend who took the class two semesters ago sent me the same study guide. I think someone who took the class 15 years ago probably made one study guide and everyone else has just been grateful ever since.