You would think that by senior year, I would have gotten the hang of making my schedule. Unfortunately though, I have found that it is even tougher to do senior year as there are many more factors that come into play. Previously, I didn’t care about an 8:40 class, or having a section on Friday. I took what I was interested in and that was that.

Now though, I am a second semester senior and I’ve decided that my personal life is more important than my classes. My schedule is filled with some awesome “Senior” electives such as wines (my class marks the 51,000th student to take the class) and Basic Rifle Marksmanship (an important skill for my repertoire). Then there are the two Communications classes I need to finish up my Minor, and Econmics. This is where it becomes complicated.

As it stands, I have no class Monday or Friday. This is awesome. But I CANNOT STAND one of the Comm classes, and the only other options for Comm mean that I have to drop the Econ. If I wanted to pick up another Econ option, I would have to take a class on Monday. Thus, my dilemma…

A Time of Reflection

I have had an incredible Winter Break, where I have spent so much time doing so much nothing. All that nothing though makes me start to think and reflect, and clean my room. While going through old notes I had written, mainly to-do lists and quotes I had heard, one thing I stumbled upon was the packing slip for my laptop. Given to me as a high school graduation gift in 2007, it has served me very well through my four years at Cornell. (Although, it has also been a major source of frustration as it consistently crashes, and has a bad fan which gets me many evil stares in the library).

I was looking at the packing slip, thinking about how thrilled I was at the time to FINALLY have my own laptop– something I had wanted since I was 10 years old–and looking at the specs. 60 GB of hard drive space? 2GB of Ram? Preloaded with Windows XP? Sure this was the state of the art in 2007, but now, it just seems so shockingly slow and outdated.

This made me continue thinking about how much the world has changed in the four short years since I started college. And how much I have changed in those four short years. The iPhone was released in 2007, and now almost all of my friends have some sort of smartphone. SUVs were still commonly purchased, there were jobs, and a different president. I didn’t know what different kinds of Whiskey were, I hadn’t joined a fraternity, I was convinced that I wanted to go into manufacturing, and I was sure that I would never grow apart from my high school friends.

Four years later, it is shocking to look back on all of this and see the changes that have occurred in my life, and to our campus. I remember when University Ave was open, and there was no such thing as a dry day of rush. I remember being shocked that my mom was leaving after helping me move in. As I look back on some of these freshman year memories, and realize just how far I have come, I can be nothing but excited for my last semester at Cornell!

305 Eddy Street

So I’m stealing an idea from Adrienne, who chronicled the life of all of her roommates/close friends. Since none of my roommates bother to read this blog, I don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse when describing them. But so that none of them shit in my bed as revenge, I think I’ll refer to them by their nicknames, just in case.

Bitchtit: This individual, from Los Angeles, is one of my best friends in the world. Someone did not realize the impact on certain lives that they would have in the summer of 2007 when they assigned both of us to the same floor of Jameson Hall. An avid skier, and borderline autistic when assembling Legos, he cannot go anywhere by himself. Jameson Hall to RPC (location of the best dining hall on campus) was too far of a walk for him to do alone, and he would hound all of us until we caved in and walked with him. Pound for pound the most naturally intelligent kid at Cornell.

The DeutschBag: The Mayor of Cornell hails from Westchester New York. My partner in crime at Cornell; the first night I met him, he decided that I would be his new wingman. We went to a party at the Heavyweight Crew house, where he proceeded to find the two drunkest girls on at the party, who appeared to be dancing with each other. He took Claire, leaving me with the other girl. I quickly learned that they were not dancing, but that the girl I was left with was too drunk to stand and Claire had been holding her up. That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and if there is mischief going on in the apartment, it is probably us creating it. Or cleaning the whole place up.

The French: From New York City, New York, the French lived down the hall from the DeutschBag freshman year in Dickson. Like the actual french, The French believes he is the epitome of class in society, as is demonstrated by his belief that dinner can consist of cheese and bread. Unlike the french, The French is actually a decent person and fun to hang out with. He also joined the fire department at the same time as me.

He is Legend: My roommate sophomore year, and The French’s neighbor freshman year. He looks like a zombie much of the time, and when we lived together, we had an unspoken agreement that not a word was to be spoken before 10am. It was an unspoken agreement because we never spoke before 10am. He chose not to live with us this year, but it’s okay because he joined the same fraternity as me. We have the ability to make eye contact and know what the other is thinking when one of the other three says something dumb.

And lastly, The Cigar Lounge: Our apartment. Arguably, the nicest apartment in Collegetown. Hardwood floors, newly refurbished kitchen, great view of Ithaca, and an awesome landlord in Nick Lambrou. The best part, we pay not the most in Collegetown.

Chronicaling a Cornell Author

At the Cornell Store, there is always a rack dedicated to alumni that have authored impressive works. One such author, although not for sale at the Cornell store, is Kathleen Cullen-Harwood ’81, whose book I am You, You are Me was written after 9/11 as a message of hope for the families of the victims. Recently, her book was added to the New Brunswick Public Library’s exhibit on remembering September 11th, along with only one other book commemorating the events: George W. Bush’s memoir The American Spirit. Even more recently, it is finally available for purchase, after almost 10 years of schlepping an obscene number of copies of it from house to house, garage to garage, as we moved across the country.

Yes, I am shamelessly plugging my mom, but there is a more impressive underlying theme to this post: the impressiveness of the Cornell Alumni network. Sure, we’re an Ivy league school, it should be expected, but you never notice just how influential the Big Red is, until you take a look at the Alumni Wikipedia page. Supreme Court Justices, Attorney Generals, Sen-IL Mark Kirk (my former representative too!), 8-astronauts, Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul, and Mary, the dudes who wrote B.O.B’s Airplanes, the founder of Burger King, Staples, Palm Inc, and, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Stanley Cup Winners, Olympians…

The list goes on and on and on, to the point where I have even left out some of the most impressive people. I mean, the colors of the Campbell Soup can come from the Cornell football team! It’s a pretty exciting and important place.

UPDATE: The book is finally available for purchase. Check out for more details!

My Ma's book!
My Ma's book!


It’s been nearly a month since I posted something new. I won’t lie about it, I am on Winter Break. I have virtually no deadlines, work, or responsibilities. I didn’t even put pants on the other day (granted, I went skiing, but didn’t technically put pants on). The fact that I hadn’t posted anything didn’t even begin to faze me until I was at a bar last night.

Now, I was out with some friends, playing the “Well at MY school…”game. This is a game a buddy of mine coined, where one person says something along the lines of: “well, at my school, we have the best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ever”. The next person, completely subconsciously, responds “well at my school, we have the best BBQ ribs”. The game continues to deteriorate until someone is making completely outrageous claims like “at my school, we have flying broomsticks and our headmaster’s beard touches the floor.” Unless your playing the game with Harry Potter, this is completely untrue, and everyone just ends up very angry.

So the game starts, and we all get sucked into this awful conversation. One of my friends, remembering previous claims that I had made, challenges my free time on the Hill. Well, I am a firefighter, and I am a professional writer. Trump Card. Okay, I forget to mention that I am a Volunteer firefighter who has one of the most peaceful districts in Tompkins County, but by definition, I am still a firefighter. And my bank account registers that I am paid for informing all of you about the glories of Cornell, thus making me a professional writer. That worked, until someone’s fancy new iPhone had to see that it had been nearly a month since I had blogged. Damn you Steve Jobs and your fancy phones…

My bluff having been called, it was time to add new material. It was then that I realized that I had shirked a few of my other “responsibilities”. Like I usually keep a tab on all of the other bloggers, just to see what’s going on with them. I was reading Adrienne’s blog and really like the topics she had been writing about. I kept on clicking, and was even more disappointed to see that, whoops, I have received shout outs from the lovely Patricia and the talented David AND COMPLETELY IGNORED THEM!

I apologize to all my readers, and my fellow bloggers for not providing you the full attention you deserve. I pledge that 2011 will be a year filled with laughter, thrills, an epic car chase, and maybe even (GASP) graduation. (If there is not a graduation, then there will at least be a funeral, because I think my mom will kill me if I don’t graduate…) So hang on tight, get ready to read, and follow me as I embark on my last ever semester as a Cornell undergrad!