Running out of Firsts

As a new student on campus, I had plenty of firsts. First time to the Hot Truck, first Roommate fight, first A, first F, and so on. I thought that after three and a half years, I’d be all out of them. Then this week occurred a brand new first: I went into Rand Hall.

Rand is home to the architects and can be found full of people at, literally, any time of the day. I choose to go during normal people hours.

There were four architects in my pledge class, and when they used to do projects, the rest of us would joke around, believing that they didn’t do any real work so much as just go to a magic cabinet, close their eyes, and think of what they wanted to make really really hard. Unfortunately, I found no such cabinet.

I wasn’t expecting this cabinet to exist. I also wasn’t expecting Rand to be the way it was. I don’t know what I thought I would find there, but it definately wasn’t that. Lots of fake walls and a lot of mess. Also, it is really hot.

And away they go

One of my closest friends from my fraternity graduated last spring and took a job working for Schlumberger doing field stuff for oil or something like that. Whatever he is doing, he is doing it in Siberia.

Even though I knew he was leaving the continent and that it would be tough to communicate with him, I didn’t fully appreciate this until recently. One of my other friends who had graduated lives in San Fransisco. I thought the 3-hour time difference was tough, until I tried to talk to my buddy in Siberia.

Luckily, he also is maintaining a blog about his journeys and experiences in Siberia (here). Cornell really has enabled this global network of connections for me (shameless plug…)

Heart and Soul

As I was walking, I mean sprinting, across campus to my 9:05 communications lecture at 9:15 yesterday morning, I passed a small tour group on Ho Plaza. Apparently right now is not the high tour guide season, as there were only four people on the tour. The tour guide himself was animatedly discussing the Cornell Store, Willard Straight Student Union, and Barnes Hall when I heard him say “and this is Ho Plaza,  which many refer to as the heart and soul of our campus”.

That just isn’t true. No one calls it that. Ever. Anywhere.

The Rain in Spain

Er, Ithaca…

The weather here has been AWFUL. A friend of mine came up a few weeks ago, and I told her that it has been raining ever since she left. She told me it was time for me to leave Ithaca too.

With the exception of a few nice days and a couple of sunny weekends though, it has been very cold and very wet. Yet everyone seems to be refusing to succumb to it fully. There are very few winter coats or boots out, and even a few pairs of shorts and flip-flops, or long-sleeve shirts with nothing over them. We all know what is coming and have saved our coats and flannel and long-johns as something to resort to.

The Mayor of Cornell

We call one of my roommates “The Mayor of Cornell” because he is nigh impossible to walk to campus with. I have this problem where I live most of my life in a state of five minutes late (I chalk it up to being one of five kids. Getting out the door for school was literally worse than herding cats), but if I walk to class with him, I end up nearly 15 minutes late. 15 minutes is past the boundary of socially-acceptable and earns me a great deal of evil looks from professors, people I have to climb over to get to the only seat left, and the lonely girl whose notebook I accidentally hit while removing my jacket.

I digress, “The Mayor Of Cornell” has to stop to talk to everyone. Seriously, everyone. A standard day can end up like such: stopping at our landlord’s office because the secretary has been having a tough week (how he knows this, I cannot begin to explain), then stopping 12 (not a lie, 12) times on our way to campus to say hey to people, getting a muffin at the cafe, where he somehow knows the guy who is making coffee kids names, and so on.

I am by no means complaining, in fact, I wish I could be as social as he is, but I outshone him this week. I became the official mayor of Goldwin Smith Hall.

As you all may know, I upgraded to a smart phone at the beginning of the school-year, and as I love being at the forefront of social media, I opened a Foursquare account. I have been creating venue’s, leaving tips, checking-in, all the while trying to figure out why anyone uses this platform as I could not seem to become mayor anywhere. (Mayor is the person who “checks-in” the most number of times in 60 days. A seemingly useless title, I think that more companies should start leveraging it to frequent customers through the form of rewards and competitions…Foursquare should hire me). (On another side not, and probably best suited for a separate and independent post, geo-local social networking is a truly untapped market that I think is poised to explode if marketed correctly.)

Then I added my picture to my profile, and voila! I learned what the allure of becoming Mayor was. I run Goldwin Smith. It is my domain. Take that roomie, I have an official title!

Boom baby! Mayor of GWS
Boom baby! Mayor of GWS