The Job Search

As scores of other seniors and I try to find someone who thinks we’re hire-able (other than my mom that is), we’ve learned a lot about the process.

For example: copying and pasting your thank you letter after an interview is fine, just make sure to change the person’s name. And the company they work for. (Way to go Roommate #2)

We’ve also learned what companies we think we’re right for, only to hear from the interviewer 5 minutes into a 30-minute process “I don’t think you’re the right fit for the industry”.

There are some things I have learned though that no one can tell me I am wrong about or chastise me for, and that is the jobs that I have less than no interest in performing. That’s right, negative interest.

These jobs are as follows:
A drug-test Nurse– So many people have to get drug tested to get a job, to maintain parole, to keep a job, etc, but this is one job that I can absolutely say I do not want to perform. You look at urine all day. Nope

Airline Ticketing Agent–These people get no respect because all of us are convinced that, even though there is a snowstorm, hurricane, and mechanical problems happening all at once, they have the ability to either fix the plane, change the plane, change my ticket because where I have to go is 1000x more important than the other 84 passengers, and find me a hotel room. Ticketing Agents are yelled at, sworn at, and cried at everyday. Non-stop. No Thank You!