My Date with the Sex-Columnist

I was reading an article in the Daily Sun that appears on alternating Thursdays which was almost as well written and entertaining as this column.

Yes, I did just compare my blog to the Sex Column.

The Sex column is written by a Cornell Senior that answers questions, shares insights, or just rambles on about all sorts of sexcapades. I would guess it is one of the most widely read articles in the Sun. Typically, the name of the columnist is published. I am sure that this results in a lot of free drinks for the girl columnist and many free numbers for the guy. This year is different though.

This year, they are anonymous

Now on a side note, I have never taken a girl on a date. Not that I don’t like girls, or haven’t had a girlfriend, I just haven’t taken someone who I only kinda know/ recently met (that i wasnt actively dating) on a date.

This is pathetic.

I don’t have a good answer why I haven’t done this, I mean, I’ve asked girls on dates, usually to never follow-up or create some sort of stupid excuse (so that everyone knows, being grounded only works in high school, not college. And I am sorry to both girls whom I told that I was grounded. One of them believed me. One of them didn’t…) It is just nervewracking! I don’t know what to say and is it okay to order a Shirley Temple? Do you kiss them at the end?? The whole scenario just sucks.

In-light of the fact that this is pathetic, and I was running out of material for my blog last week, I decided to ask one of the sex columnists out on a date. I happened to know who she was, so that made things easier. Imagine the by-line: “My Date with the Sex-Columnist”. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, it is up there for the world to see. I composed an awesome email, sent it to her Daily Sun published address, waited for a response…

And the results?

She completely

What. A. Jerk.
What. A. Jerk.

ignored me.

So much for that idea…

Update: Since having written this post, I have indeed taken a girl on a date. It was a beautiful day. I got a sandwich. She got a salad. It went much easier than I imagined it could have, and was one of the highlights of my summer.