Not the Only One

Obviously, I am not the only blogger here at Cornell. Not only do I know that there are 8 bloggers with pictures right next to mine, I have to assume that in a school of 14,000 undergrads, someone else out there HAS to maintain a blog. The cool thing is when you stumble upon one.

Take my Communications professor for example. Tarleton Gillespie, in addition to teaching an awesome class about new media in our society, also teaches an okay intro to communications class (which I am slogging through now) and happens to maintain a web page and blog. While I bet he is one of many professors here that does this, he is one of probably three professors that actually knows my name, so he happens to get a shout out.

Stumbling across a professor’s blog (found here, by the way…) is a weird experience. It makes them seem more real and less like a zombie that just lectures at me and gives me lousy grades. I have a whole new appreciation and understanding for Professor Gillespie and his blog was able to provide an insight to him that I hadn’t expected. (Check out the video he recently posted on his blog. Very cool).

Sometimes though, you stumble on a blog that makes you wish you knew less about a person (Thank goodness I am not one of those). For example, Awkward Roommates, a vlog run by some Cornell girls. One of the girls in this apartment owes me a date, but I am not sure I want it anymore…

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