One is the lonliest number…

I am dangerously close to graduating. When I started this year, I was short a swim test (check), a PE (next weekend, check), a labor history class (Radicals, Reformers, and Reactionaries with the wonderful Prof. Berger. check), and a “Cultural Perspectives” class, mandated by ILR. (huh??)

Because I am considering a December graduation (someone hire me, please!) I had to knock all of these requirements off so that the option of graduation was available. I asked the few fellow ILR-ies that I know to receive the following advice: “Whatever you do, don’t take Anthro/Intro to Japan/Archeology/etc”. Thus I ended up in Architecture 3402, The Architecture of Cultural Systems.

The class is interesting enough, easy, engaging, and so on, the one flaw being that it is almost entirely architecture students. I am the outcast of the class, and this becomes apparent when the teacher asks us to draw a representation of space, based on an article we just read. I gave my best effort, but someone asked me why I was drawing a duck on fire…

I hold my own pretty decently and contribute pretty well to discussion, even if some people roll their eyes when I refer to buildings as the most obvious form of architecture. To me, this class had sounded like a discussion based class (which it is) for kids who liked buildings but didn’t know enough about architecture (which it isn’t). The TA looks at me today and goes “Why the hell are you in this class?”

My favorite thing about the class though isn’t the material, nor the cute girl I get to sit next to sometimes, nor my fraternity brother who has bailed me out on more than one occasion, but that I can take the class and get credit for it. ILR is, I feel, singularly unique in that not only do they encourage us to take classes outside of the school, it is practically demanded of us. Ezra Cornell founded this University as a place “where any student could find instruction in any study”, and ILR lives up to that completely.

After the TA asked why I was in this class, the oddball amongst a sea of third-year architects, I replied candidly and told him that it fulfilled a requirement. I realized almost instantly that there is so much more to it than that. I am in this class because it is cool, because I truly love to learn, and because I am a Cornellian. My brother is looking at colleges right now, with a focus on very technical and engineering based schools. My advice to him the whole time has been to look at broader universities that allow for diversity in learning. I’ve taken Beekeeping, Oral Communication, Labor History, multiple Psych classes, and so on. I have been in classes I have had no business being in, and classes that served little purpose other than to boost my abysmal GPA.

This well-rounded education means I have pushed myself, and it has been reflected numerically out of 4.0. But I am not sure I would have done it that much differently.

The Job Search

As scores of other seniors and I try to find someone who thinks we’re hire-able (other than my mom that is), we’ve learned a lot about the process.

For example: copying and pasting your thank you letter after an interview is fine, just make sure to change the person’s name. And the company they work for. (Way to go Roommate #2)

We’ve also learned what companies we think we’re right for, only to hear from the interviewer 5 minutes into a 30-minute process “I don’t think you’re the right fit for the industry”.

There are some things I have learned though that no one can tell me I am wrong about or chastise me for, and that is the jobs that I have less than no interest in performing. That’s right, negative interest.

These jobs are as follows:
A drug-test Nurse– So many people have to get drug tested to get a job, to maintain parole, to keep a job, etc, but this is one job that I can absolutely say I do not want to perform. You look at urine all day. Nope

Airline Ticketing Agent–These people get no respect because all of us are convinced that, even though there is a snowstorm, hurricane, and mechanical problems happening all at once, they have the ability to either fix the plane, change the plane, change my ticket because where I have to go is 1000x more important than the other 84 passengers, and find me a hotel room. Ticketing Agents are yelled at, sworn at, and cried at everyday. Non-stop. No Thank You!

My Date with the Sex-Columnist

I was reading an article in the Daily Sun that appears on alternating Thursdays which was almost as well written and entertaining as this column.

Yes, I did just compare my blog to the Sex Column.

The Sex column is written by a Cornell Senior that answers questions, shares insights, or just rambles on about all sorts of sexcapades. I would guess it is one of the most widely read articles in the Sun. Typically, the name of the columnist is published. I am sure that this results in a lot of free drinks for the girl columnist and many free numbers for the guy. This year is different though.

This year, they are anonymous

Now on a side note, I have never taken a girl on a date. Not that I don’t like girls, or haven’t had a girlfriend, I just haven’t taken someone who I only kinda know/ recently met (that i wasnt actively dating) on a date.

This is pathetic.

I don’t have a good answer why I haven’t done this, I mean, I’ve asked girls on dates, usually to never follow-up or create some sort of stupid excuse (so that everyone knows, being grounded only works in high school, not college. And I am sorry to both girls whom I told that I was grounded. One of them believed me. One of them didn’t…) It is just nervewracking! I don’t know what to say and is it okay to order a Shirley Temple? Do you kiss them at the end?? The whole scenario just sucks.

In-light of the fact that this is pathetic, and I was running out of material for my blog last week, I decided to ask one of the sex columnists out on a date. I happened to know who she was, so that made things easier. Imagine the by-line: “My Date with the Sex-Columnist”. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it, it is up there for the world to see. I composed an awesome email, sent it to her Daily Sun published address, waited for a response…

And the results?

She completely

What. A. Jerk.
What. A. Jerk.

ignored me.

So much for that idea…

Update: Since having written this post, I have indeed taken a girl on a date. It was a beautiful day. I got a sandwich. She got a salad. It went much easier than I imagined it could have, and was one of the highlights of my summer.

The never ending rain…

Millions of students lined up outside Bailey Hall to take their psych exam. So many umbrellas!!
Millions of students lined up outside Bailey Hall to take their psych exam. So many umbrellas!!

It has been raining non stop in Ithaca. I am not complaining, I love the rain. Especially now as the leaves begin to change; the rain makes all the reds and golds look more vibrant and clean.

In the varying levels of rain this past two weeks, there have been a few days where it has absolutely poured. Like buckets were being dumped from the sky. It was one of the few times when I have actually wanted an umbrella (Typically, I am exclusively a rain-coat wearer).

As I walked back from class, wishing for the first and last time in my life, I had an umbrella, I started to look at some of them that my fellow Cornellians were carrying to see what kind of person it is that actually carries an umbrella. While I didn’t figure out what differentiates me from those umbrella touting weirdos, I did gain some insight into their lives. I started taking pictures, which resulted in many strange looks (how do you hide the fact that your taking a picture of someone’s umbrella? It is raining and I have whipped out my camera-phone as I scurry after you…)What follows is a semi-artistic photo montage with thoughts included in captions:

When filling out surveys, she claims to have a "colorful personality" in addition to her colorful umbrella
When filling out surveys, she claims to have a “colorful personality” in addition to her colorful umbrella
I don't get patterns on umbrellas. Why aren't they all just one color? Do you have to match your outfit to the polka dots?
I don’t get patterns on umbrellas. Why aren’t they all just one color? Do you have to match your outfit to the polka dots?

Although it is a little grainy and hard to tell, this umbrella was HUGE. I don't know if I have ever seen one this big.
Although it is a little grainy and hard to tell, this umbrella was HUGE. I don’t know if I have ever seen one this big.
I don't know if she got a job with Oliver Wyman, or just took this from their info session in an attempt to spite them
I don’t know if she got a job with Oliver Wyman, or just took this from their info session in an attempt to spite them

Not the Only One

Obviously, I am not the only blogger here at Cornell. Not only do I know that there are 8 bloggers with pictures right next to mine, I have to assume that in a school of 14,000 undergrads, someone else out there HAS to maintain a blog. The cool thing is when you stumble upon one.

Take my Communications professor for example. Tarleton Gillespie, in addition to teaching an awesome class about new media in our society, also teaches an okay intro to communications class (which I am slogging through now) and happens to maintain a web page and blog. While I bet he is one of many professors here that does this, he is one of probably three professors that actually knows my name, so he happens to get a shout out.

Stumbling across a professor’s blog (found here, by the way…) is a weird experience. It makes them seem more real and less like a zombie that just lectures at me and gives me lousy grades. I have a whole new appreciation and understanding for Professor Gillespie and his blog was able to provide an insight to him that I hadn’t expected. (Check out the video he recently posted on his blog. Very cool).

Sometimes though, you stumble on a blog that makes you wish you knew less about a person (Thank goodness I am not one of those). For example, Awkward Roommates, a vlog run by some Cornell girls. One of the girls in this apartment owes me a date, but I am not sure I want it anymore…