The Year of the Freshman

I wrote about how I took (and passed!) the swim test with all the freshman earlier this semester. At the time, I thought that that would be pretty much the end of my freshman bonding experiences.

This is not the case.

A guy in my fraternity a few years ago was all set to graduate. When May rolled around though he found out that, oops, he was one class short. There was no way in hell I was going to let that happen to me, so I decided to meet with the ILR registrar to make sure I was on track. I was, and she even told me I could graduate early, IF I took a couple of different classes.

Now, I knew that I had put some things off. What I didn’t realize was that I had put off a bunch of entry level classes. My first week, 3 of my 5 classes were almost exclusively freshman. When a kid in Calc 111 (basic calc) looked at me and said “Hey, you live in Donlon right?”, I almost punched him in the face.

Needless to say, I changed a bunch of my classes. I now have one predominately freshman class, but also one completely architect class. If I was a CRP major, I could at least fake it. I’ll let you all in on a little secret though: ILR is about as far from architecture as you can possibly get. So this will be cool…

More importantly though is the number of freshman that seem to be dominating this campus. Having been here for 3 years now, I should be able to at least recognize all but one fourth of the campus. As I sat on the Arts quad the other day though, I discovered that this is not the case. There seem to be an awful lot of new faces around here these days.