Ladies and gentleman, it has happened.

The moment I have been waiting for for damn near a year.

I have joked about it on these pages, dreamed about it whilst wandering a quad, but really, honestly, didn’t think the time would come.

That’s right, I was recognized.

Now I know people read my blog. Obviously, my boss has too. My best friend out at Santa Clara uses this to make sure I haven’t been killed in some freak elevator accident. Lauren and Monica (two girls I promised shout-outs to last weekend, one of them so that I could sleep on her couch) both claim to read it…But my ex-girlfriend? Nope. My mom? Sometimes. My brother: “You have a blog??”

But picture this last weekend:  I’m on Catherine Street in Ithaca, and some drunken girls go “Oh Hey!!” and introduced themselves, to which I introduced myself back…And then…wait for it…

“Cullen Harwood? Like the blogger?”

Yea, that just happened.

I have been getting “Cullen? Like the vampire?” a lot recently. A cashier at Wegman’s even asked me to bite her (to which I promptly took my credit card back and left the store without purchasing groceries. It was then explained to me why this happened…) But Cullen the blogger?

Next thing you know, Skorton is actually going to want to meet with me. “The Blog” will be a sandwich at CTB, and the Cowbell guy (who clearly doesn’t deserve the job) will present his grail to me.

About time, right?