Playing Catch-Up

So some recap of the past few weeks is in order:

Three weekends ago (Easter Weekend) we had an epic pledge party, whose decorations included a 40 some foot obilisk that was erected in our front yard.

On a ranch in Texas
On a ranch in Texas

Two weekends ago, I went to visit my big big brother/fake cousin who now lives in Dallas and is now doing healthcare consulting. In my first visit to Texas, he took me and two of the others in our lineage out to a HUGE ranch where we saw buffalo, longhorns, and rode a mechanical bull.

My youngest brother in my Firefighter gear
My youngest brother in my Firefighter gear

Last weekend, my mom decided to grace her alma mater with her presence as her sorority celebrated their 125th year of being on campus. It was also my Fraternity’s parents weekend. Guess how much I saw of my mom that weekend…But, my youngest brother did get to spend a night in the Frat! I did decide to not take him out to party with me as I felt that might be mildly inappropriate. Instead, we had an awesome night watching Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. As they say: “Frat Win”.

Tara trying on tacky outfits
Tara trying on tacky outfits

Then, in one of the funnier traditions that the Greek system at Cornell has to offer, was Pi Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s “Tacky Formal”. The idea is that everyone needs to get dressed as hilariously and as tacky-ily as possible. I was invited by one of my best friends from my Freshman year dorm and had a blast, but it meant we had to go shopping for tacky outfits…

All of this comes on top of social life, sleep, fire training, and of course, classes. As the semester winds down, I remember just how much I have to take care of (A paper in every class is looming over me. My procrastination is bad news these days…)

Playoff Time

This time of year brings many things: sunshine to dreary Ithaca, paper after paper after paper, stress, happiness, and the NHL playoffs.

One of the greatest of all sports traditions accompanies this too, the playoff beard. The Wikipedia article on playoff beards states that the tradition was started in the 1980’s by the Islanders. Fans and players everywhere now follow the tradition, annoying girlfriends, spouses, and managers everywhere. But I vow to not shave until both the Hawks and Sabres are out of the playoffs (Hopefully, I won’t be shaving until June…)

But I forget the most important part! I have been asked to provide in-depth analysis of the playoffs for a radio station in Ohio!! How cool is that!?!? Check it out at 3 O’clock (eastern time) today at!!

Still Wandering the Campus…

But now, in hot pink crocs!

My boss in the ILR computer lab (Professor Homrighouse)  challenged me to write about them. Well, challenge accepted! While she thinks they are ugly and weird, I think they are comfortable and pretty. And now, you can see me wandering from a mile away.Pink Crocs

A few excuses…

I wish I could say that there is a legitimate reason for my falling behind in this blog recently, but there probably isn’t. Other than classes, firefighter training, visiting my fake cousin in Dallas, and my mom and youngest brother coming to town, little has actually gone on the past two weeks…updates on all of the above will be here real soon!

The Cornell 500

My mother once told me :”Cullen, no matter what anyone tells you, size really does matter.”

This is a very awkward statement to hear from your mother, especially when it was not related to my school selection. Nor to the size of a donut.

Even though my mother was being blatantly sexual, as I wandered around campus today, I realized that this statement is indeed relevant to many other things as well. One of those things is Cornell.

As far as marketing goes, many schools refer to themselves as “a large school with a small school feel”. But let’s be serious Ohio State, you’re larger than my hometown, and the two towns surrounding mine combined! There is no way that a school that a school that large has a “small school” feel. It is just impossible! Enter Cornell from stage right.

As a school of 14,000 undergrads, we fall into that medium to large school demographic. In fact, the undergrad population places us as one of the better sized towns in upstate New York. But this is where we excel so well. There are many times when we really do have a small school feel. Many here will refer to it as “The Cornell 500”.

No matter what circle you fall into, you seem to interact with the same 500 people. You’re a hardcore drinking party guy? 500 people. You prefer the solitary nature of the dorms and poker on a Saturday night? 500 people. You’re an architect? Literally, 500 people.

So we have this small school feel, but check out the big school perks that come with it. Like having 3 teams competing for their National Championships, in the same week. Or having the Dalai Lama and Stephan Colbert coming to speak. Or having another school copy your name (Damn you Cornell College in Iowa!!)

This occurs to me as the masses flock towards our campus. Sure it is easy to pick outsiders out right now as they are likely in a large flock, following someone who is yelling and walking backwards, but even when the tours disperse, it is easy to identify which of these things is not with the others.

As OAR once said, “I feel home when I see the faces that remember my own”. Cornell has done an excellent job of taking her 14,000 undergrads, and allowing us to feel welcome, home, and a part of it, while still giving us all of the perks. Size really does matter, and as prospective students make the pilgrimage to campus to try and gauge the feeling of our school, I urge you to think about the size and the wonderfulness that it entails.