T-Minus 5 days

Spring Break is right around the corner, and it sure feels like it up on the Hill. As usual, people are trying to cram 30 pounds into a 5 pound, as papers, prelims, projects, presentations and the like all get crammed into the week before Spring Break. Add to that a huge win for the Men’s hockey team over Havard Sucks last night (which means that the Big Red move onto the Semi-Finals in Albany next week. A prime spot to capture the ECAC Championship…) and a even bigger win for the Women’s team over Harvard Sucks (which means they are in the Semi-Finals for, wait for it, the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP) and Selection Sunday tonight for basketball means that it was quite the weekend.

And the worst holiday for every Cornell kid was last night: Spring Forward for Daylight. Suuuuuucks. As if we all werent short time anyways, now we lost an hour and it wasn’t like it was because I was messing around in the frat house, or playing with legos or whatever….

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