First Question!

Congrats to Kathleen, the first winner of “The Best Blog Question of the Month”…granted, she also was the only one to ask a question this month…

Anyways, Kathleen asked us: “I was curious about the admission process. I’m a junior interested in majoring in the sciences and I know it says on the website that SAT Subject tests are recommended. I was curious if you had taken any.”

Well Kathleen, it depends on what school you are applying to. Cornell consists of seven different undergraduate colleges. Three are public and four are private (mostly, all that means is that you can get a reduced tuition as an in-state student). Science is a pretty broad field, but I imagine most of the science stuff that you would like to find will either be in the Arts and Sciences School or in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

As far as the SAT IIs (or subject tests, whatever they are called these days), it appears that all of the schools at Cornell either require or “highly recommend” that a mathematics subject test be taken. Most of the other schools also suggest one in some area of science. A comprehensive chart can be found here!

Being in ILR, it was less important for me to take a science SAT II, but since this was the only school where I didn’t apply to the engineering or business program, I took a math, Chemistry, and US History anyways. A buddy of mine in CALS took Chemistry, Biology, math, and US. Another buddy in CALS took Lit, Chem, Bio, Physics, Math, and German (overachiever much?).

Hope this answered your question! Stay tuned for more winners!

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