The Dichotomy of the Sexes Junior Year

Cornell is by no means an uber strict institution that demands that the sexes stay seperate between the hours of 10pm and 8am (kinda like my the boarding school I attended). To me, this makes sense. We should be intermingled with the opposite sex while in college. Where else are we going to learn how to appropriately interact with someone that isn’t your sister while they are wearing a towel? We aren’t sharing bathrooms with each other, but we do share hallways and such, no biggie. Some of my closest friends freshman year were the girls that lived down the hall.

Living in a North Campus fraternity Sophmore year allowed for a similar phenomenon. Only one sorority is not located on the northern part of campus, so many of my girl friends lived in the general vicinity of my house. Hanging out was relatively easy, and since none of us were 21, there was a much smaller incentive to go to Collegetown.

And then, Junior year…

Typically, only Juniors that are officers live in the sorority house Junior year. This means that almost every Junior girl is in Collegetown. What has happened!?!?! Men used to live next to the girls, then we lived close to the girls, now I live far from all of them! This seems like such a weird dynamic for a University that didn’t mind our intermingling! I would venture to guess that a great deal of my anti-social nature this year has been because of my laziness and lack of motivation to walk to Collegetown on a cold Saturday night.

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