Damn you Tim Liddell!!

So we (the bloggers) had a contest to see who could fulfill our job requirements the most effectively in the few weeks before break. And Tim Liddell won. I am pretty sure that I was a very close second, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades… And I’m pretty sure blogging has never been compared to either aforementioned activity… I will be the gracious loser and congratulate Tim, who I will admit, was the reason I got into blogging in the first place. Even though that means that I am no longer “In the Spotlight” (a position I successfully held for most of this year), I will still blog and vlog with the best of them.

Oh what a day…

The past 24 hours have been a blur…

12am Friday- Bed
3am- Wake up, shower, drive to chicago
110pm(central time)-Get into Chicago and meet up with my Mom and brother at Harey Carey’s Restaurant with the Cornell Alumni Association’s Chicago chapter to watch the Big Red trounce Temple.

Cornell Alum (Mom), Cornell Student (sister), and Brother as the buzzer sounds and Cornell beats Temple
Cornell Alum (Mom), Cornell Student (sister), and Brother as the buzzer sounds and Cornell beats Temple

3pm Pick the youngest brother up from school

514pm- Cornell Men’s Hockey wins, sending the men to the ECAC championship!7 pm family dinner

745 pm-Dishes

747 pm- My brother and I bail on dishes to see what the score of the Women’s hockey game is. The next part, while unbelievable, totally happened: we stream the game and 2 seconds later, Catherine White scores to send the Cornell women to the National Championship!

750pm- My brother and I (still in shock at our timing and seeing that goal) log onto cbssports.com to see the Big Red on the banner

The homepage of cbssports.com yesterday
The homepage of cbssports.com yesterday

11pm- I start watching Up

1130pm- I stop watching Up because it is too depressing


8am- Wake up to take care of a hilarious number of chores

11am-head to O’Hare to catch a flight to Jamaica

1230pm- Find out we are not making it to Jamaica

830pm-Check into a hotel in Atlanta…

831pm- Realize it has already been an AWESOME spring break. WAY TO GO RED!!!

T-Minus 5 days

Spring Break is right around the corner, and it sure feels like it up on the Hill. As usual, people are trying to cram 30 pounds into a 5 pound, as papers, prelims, projects, presentations and the like all get crammed into the week before Spring Break. Add to that a huge win for the Men’s hockey team over Havard Sucks last night (which means that the Big Red move onto the Semi-Finals in Albany next week. A prime spot to capture the ECAC Championship…) and a even bigger win for the Women’s team over Harvard Sucks (which means they are in the Semi-Finals for, wait for it, the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP) and Selection Sunday tonight for basketball means that it was quite the weekend.

And the worst holiday for every Cornell kid was last night: Spring Forward for Daylight. Suuuuuucks. As if we all werent short time anyways, now we lost an hour and it wasn’t like it was because I was messing around in the frat house, or playing with legos or whatever….

Music is my Girlfriend

I am attempting to make this blog more interactive, but sometimes things come up that cannot be not blogged about. Today, one of those things occurred.

I have still only skipped one class while at Cornell. That does not mean I am not late to the occasional class, nor that I haven’t gotten a quick nap in…but today, I was running pretty late. Late to the point where my buddy texted me and said “You know we have class today right?” It was a slow morning…

Anyways, as I walk into Statler, a song came on my iPod (which was set to shuffle, making me think that fate had a hand in this) that fit the moment perfectly. It was “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd. As I ran up the stairs, kids voices were telling me “We don’t need no education”. I almost skipped class right at the spot where Roger Waters reminded me that “all in all, [I’m] just another brick in the wall”, I decided to not just be another brick in the wall. It was an excellent moment.

First Question!

Congrats to Kathleen, the first winner of “The Best Blog Question of the Month”…granted, she also was the only one to ask a question this month…

Anyways, Kathleen asked us: “I was curious about the admission process. I’m a junior interested in majoring in the sciences and I know it says on the website that SAT Subject tests are recommended. I was curious if you had taken any.”

Well Kathleen, it depends on what school you are applying to. Cornell consists of seven different undergraduate colleges. Three are public and four are private (mostly, all that means is that you can get a reduced tuition as an in-state student). Science is a pretty broad field, but I imagine most of the science stuff that you would like to find will either be in the Arts and Sciences School or in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

As far as the SAT IIs (or subject tests, whatever they are called these days), it appears that all of the schools at Cornell either require or “highly recommend” that a mathematics subject test be taken. Most of the other schools also suggest one in some area of science. A comprehensive chart can be found here!

Being in ILR, it was less important for me to take a science SAT II, but since this was the only school where I didn’t apply to the engineering or business program, I took a math, Chemistry, and US History anyways. A buddy of mine in CALS took Chemistry, Biology, math, and US. Another buddy in CALS took Lit, Chem, Bio, Physics, Math, and German (overachiever much?).

Hope this answered your question! Stay tuned for more winners!

The Dichotomy of the Sexes Junior Year

Cornell is by no means an uber strict institution that demands that the sexes stay seperate between the hours of 10pm and 8am (kinda like my the boarding school I attended). To me, this makes sense. We should be intermingled with the opposite sex while in college. Where else are we going to learn how to appropriately interact with someone that isn’t your sister while they are wearing a towel? We aren’t sharing bathrooms with each other, but we do share hallways and such, no biggie. Some of my closest friends freshman year were the girls that lived down the hall.

Living in a North Campus fraternity Sophmore year allowed for a similar phenomenon. Only one sorority is not located on the northern part of campus, so many of my girl friends lived in the general vicinity of my house. Hanging out was relatively easy, and since none of us were 21, there was a much smaller incentive to go to Collegetown.

And then, Junior year…

Typically, only Juniors that are officers live in the sorority house Junior year. This means that almost every Junior girl is in Collegetown. What has happened!?!?! Men used to live next to the girls, then we lived close to the girls, now I live far from all of them! This seems like such a weird dynamic for a University that didn’t mind our intermingling! I would venture to guess that a great deal of my anti-social nature this year has been because of my laziness and lack of motivation to walk to Collegetown on a cold Saturday night.