Favorite Spots on Campus

This week starts a segment I like to call “What’s your favorite spot on Campus!?!?!” It is where I go up to people and say “Hey, take me to your favorite spot on campus!”

This is the first one, so it is a little dicey, but it has a sweet creative commons approved dance track!

First Try!

I cant get it into the blog post…click the link instead. I’ll get there!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Spots on Campus”

  1. OMG, I totally missed this when you posted it. It’s awesome–way to co-opt your friend into service.

    We’re working on getting the video upload issues solved. I didn’t know about them until today.

  2. I didn’t have enough room to upload my video (although as you can tell, my editing software in general was a little shoddy. I don’t know why the picture is so small…)

    there will be another segment following soon!

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