161 Things to do at Cornell…

Every year, the Daily Sun publishes a list of 161 Things to do at Cornell. I am proud to say that I have accomplished a wide array of said tasks, but there is one task that I would like to alter.

The number 1 thing on the list is “To make the library into your bedroom, and have sex in the stacks.” This makes sense for Cornell students since we spend absurd amounts of time in the library but also because we are perfectionists who need to make sure that we accomplish everything on the aforementioned list.

Personally, I would rather inadvertently walk past someone having sex in the stacks. For added awkward effect, I would likely run into them all over campus at which point I would give them a little wave and a giggle whenever we passed…

Ives Hall

Cornell has many many wonderful traditions. Like Dragon Day, the playing of the bells, good hockey, and screaming at midnight of the first day of finals. They also have some lousy traditions, and one in particular is the policy pertaining to the designing of buildings.

It is written in Cornell’s charter that every building that is built must be constructed in the current style of the times. Well back in 1860, when the school was founded, that was fine and dandy and thus we have beautiful Gothic dorms on West Campus and the Arts quad, impressive auditoriums like Bailey Hall, and 1970 eyesore prison-esk looking buildings like Ives Hall, home of ILR.

Now, in one of more entertaining classes this past week, my professor commented on how buildings and campuses reflect the mentality of the classes. Her examples were of engineering quads all over this country. They all look the same: cold, calm, organized and quiet. This is because, and I quote, “because the engineers in this country need no beauty, they need to logically solve a problem and that is that”. So while Duffield hall may have great interior workspace, and Rhodes may have really cool windows, most of the engineering quad is pretty straightforward. Well what does that say about ILR?

As a little background to me: the middle-school that I spent some time at in Chicago was designed by the same architect that designed the Cook County Prison. So having little windows that have directionally guided sniper sight-lines and plain gray cinder-block walls isn’t all that new to me. (That is not a joke either).

The building is slightly upsetting compared to the rest of the campus, but I am willing to look past that because I ultimately think that old Uncle Ezra did an cool and interesting thing when he demanded that all the buildings here be built to reflect the time period. Also, I think that Ives Hall (the ILR building) has some of the best lecture halls on campus. I really do like the building, but what I hate having to look past is the unsightly cinder-block walls that line the ILR building where I spend most of my time.Not only can you not look past them (alright poor joke…) but this semester, the school decided to paint over some of the murals that had spruced up my day. The murals in the staircase used to depict a scene of trees that varied in season depending on what floor and what staircase you were in.

What happened? Call it budget cuts. Call it “cool new khaki colored paint that ups spirits”. Call it Dean Katz being sick of the lie that there wasn’t really a window there. Whatever you you want to call it, it is unfortunate that the building has gotten that much more depressing. I used to get at least a little smile after a bad prelim, looking at the painting, knowing that the building isn’t filled with solely bad things. Now I just cannot wait to go to class…

All it is cracked up to be?

A few stats for this week:
People recognizing me on campus as “That hot blogger guy”: 0
People asking for my autograph:0
People recognizing me on account of slipping and cutting my knee on the stairs: 3
‘Friends’ saying “your picture makes you look fat”: 4
Number of new friends I need to find: 4
Sisters calling me to say: “Your picture really highlights how big your nose is”: 1
Number of new sisters I need to find:1

Actually, a pretty standard week, but it looks like the fortune and fame are going to be tougher to acquire than I thought…

This semester

We’re two weeks into school, schedules are set, notebooks bought, and I finally did some laundry. Oh, and I still haven’t skipped a class at Cornell (although I did come dangerously close after feeling a little sick-ish)

A little background, one of the things that I am the most proud of in my 2 years here at Cornell is that I have skipped only one class. That isn’t to say I have been on time to all of them, or slept during the lecture, or even opened some of the books, but I have never skipped.

My reasoning is simple. I am paying an exorbitant amount for this incredible education, so damn it, I better get my money’s worth.

This semester, it should be a breeze to show up. In addition to starting most of my days at 12:20, all of my classes are fascinating. I am taking an oral communications class that is not only useful, but also really cool. My “Economics of the University” is one of the most interesting things I have ever shown up to in my life. The professor for “Leadership in Organizations” knows more about organizations then I thought was possible.

This is shaping up to be a truly incredible semester. Now if the Bears and Irish could just win a damn football game…

Fame, Fortune, and a Search for Delicious

Give my regards to Davy…I’ll get back to him.

I am far above Cayuga’s waters, the town looks like ants from up here.

As of 4:19PM EST, I am live on cornell.edu!

In about a week, people will be using my name alongside President Skorton’s in conversations about the most influential people on our campus. Actually, forget the Pres, he can fire me an email. Me and Hank Moody are gonna rule the Blogosphere.

Did you check out this website? Did you see my shining and beautiful face? People are going to start recognizing me on the streets. Mobs of adoring girls and fans begging for my autograph are going to make the generally mundane tasks of going to class, walking to the gym, and eating lunch at Mac’s nigh impossible.

I got an email from my boss today. It read “Your excitement will be rewarded with fame and riches beyond compare”. I’m ready for it. I’m going to wallpaper my room with dollar bills and get a table at any restaurant in the world. This is big. This is epic.

What’s in store for my blog? Don’t worry about it, my secretary will get back to you.

What a bum have I become?

There are many a stereotype about college students. We are lazy, messy, will not make it to a meeting before 10 AM, can’t do laundry…and as a fine fraternity gentleman, I take even more heat since the ‘stereotypers’ assume that I drink my face off almost every night of the week surrounded by various other drugs and brothers.

I would like to dispel almost all of the stereotypes right now. I do laundry frequently (I even brought an iron to school), I live an organized mess, I really don’t drink that often and definitely don’t do drugs. But there is one stereotype that I will admit I am fully fulfilling.

I am a lazy sack of shit these days. I had a meeting with an ILR adviser who had to approve my 19 credits (the limit in ILR without consent is 18) at 9 :30. It was a very short meeting and I was back in my room by 10. My first thought: “Score. I can sleep until 12 since my class isn’t until 12:20!”

Who the hell am I? In high school, I was never allowed to sleep past 9 (mom’s rules). Even here at college, if I sleep until almost 11, I feel that I have wasted an entire day. So seriously? What was I thinking?

The only explanation that I can offer is that later in the semester, I will absolutely take advantage of the time to sleep since there is so much work that needs to be done ALL the time. My 2 am bedtime in November will be because I was studying (alright cramming and praying) for a prelim instead of like last night where I was just watching Entourage (On the real, I have never really watched it so I am just starting, but what a waste of a show. Maybe it is just that season 1 sucks, but if it doesn’t get better soon then I am giving up for good. Awful television.)

I digress, we here in Ithaca only have 2 months when it is bearable to go outside and my first thought was to get back in bed? I am shocked and appalled at what I have become. I am off to run. Or bike. Or read a book on the porch. Fine, a nap in the sun…