And so it begins…

I woke up this morning for my 10:10, all excited and ready to start Junior year when I realized that I was starting Junior year. Whoa. Hold the phone.

Junior year might not sound that daunting, but think about it for a second. I am now half way through college. This thought wouldn’t escape my mind as I at my cheerios, brushed my teeth, and walked to class. While growing up, my mom used to make waffles on the first day of classes. She would then throw ice cream on top. This hearty breakfast used to leave me feeling sick all day, but today, I would have killed to have had that. The sick sinking feeling in my stomach that was there upon realizing that I am only slightly closer to determining what I want to do with my life then when I first got here, is much much worse.

The sinking feeling started to subside throughout the first few classes though. My Econ class is going to be phenomenal, as is my “Politics of the Global North” class. When the professor asked “How many of you are Juniors?” and half of the class raised their hands, I felt much more secure. Here, surrounded by my peers and brethren I came to the conclusion that while I should no longer giggle when someone farts, or think that ordering Shirley Temple’s is ‘okay’ when I go out on a date, maybe I can grow up.

To hell with it, bring it on. I might be halfway through college and more lost and confused then I was two years ago, but it’s time to face the music and dance while I still have two short years left. Sometimes, you just have to say, Let’s Go.

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