Introduction to Me

December, 2016, before leaving NY:


I’m Sara, a junior at Cornell University studying Environmental and Sustainability Sciences.

A little bit about myself:

  • Favorite fruit: watermelon
  • Favorite color: olive green
  • Favorite dish: donburi (Japanese series of dishes that consist of some version of meat on top of rice)
  • I can often be seen: hiking, meeting people, watching Netflix (Arrow is my most recently watched show), reading (A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin is the most wonderful series), getting lost and trying to make an adventure out of it, drinking tea
  • Languages:
    • Speaks / reads / writes / comprehends Japanese
    • Studied Latin for 6 years
    • …and learned Spanish in elementary school…I still remember how to say the colors and the months of the year. I’m all set to travel to Latin America, obviously.

From January through May (2017), I’ll be studying for a semester in Ecuador — roughly a month in Quito, and three months on San Cristóbal Island — learning about the communities and their relationships with nature and the unique ecosystem. It’s spectacularly exciting, and I can barely contain myself. I’ll be staying with a host family in each of my destinations, so I’d better start “re”-learning Spanish, pronto.

¡Hasta luego, Ithaca!