Passing Time with Sarah Haller

Passing Time with Sarah Haller

One of my closest friends here says that you’ll never look back on college and wish you slept more. *Edit: this friend has just informed me that she would like me to write this out as a direct quote and give her credit. I’ll start over:

“You’ll never look back on college and wish you slept more.”

– Sarah Haller

Moving on: I’d like to preface the rest of this post by saying that I am a huge fan of sleep. I think of myself as a sleep aficionado of sorts. If sleep were an Olympic sport, I would be the Michael Phelps of sleeping. But better.

However, despite my ability to sleep anywhere and anytime (I think I get it from my mom, who has probably never in her life stayed awake for an entire movie), I do agree with Sarah on this one. When I look back on my time abroad, I won’t regret waking up at 3 AM to watch the Grammy’s with my roommates or getting two hours of sleep to catch a ferry to a Greek island for the weekend. This morning, my friends and I woke up at 4 AM and took the metro down to the port at the edge of Athens. We rode an über-comfortable ferry to Paros, a small Greek island full of little white houses with bright blue roofs. It’s what you likely think of when you think Greece (see pictures below).

We were told that Paros is boring in the winter, but I love it so far. It’s pretty warm (at least compared to the -10 degree weather back in Ithaca) and the beaches are beautiful.


I think that when I look back on this experience, I’ll be really glad I came here. 71432_10202739625710341_525518229_n

After all, “You’ll never look back on college and wish you slept more.” In a way, I think what Sarah said embodies a larger idea: make life different; don’t wake up 40 years from now wishing you didn’t spend all of your time alone watching Netflix in bed with a bag of chips. So while I’m here, I’m going to try my hardest to jump at the chance to make memories. Maybe sometimes those memories will involve sleepless nights of traveling and exploring. Maybe sometimes those memories will involve sleeping at normal hours. Who knows. But as I figure out this making-life-different thing, here’s another word of advice from Sarah for you to enjoy:

“When you travel, always go in groups of three. That way you’ll never take a picture alone.”

– Sarah Haller


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