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My study abroad journey in Bologna, Italy

Ladri di biciclette (Bicycle thieves)

It’s not uncommon to have a bike in Bologna, but it is just as common to not have one… because they are usually stolen. Here’s a little analogy that may help you understand: The first week I arrived in Bologna,… Continue Reading →

It’s starting to feel like home

Cheesy as it may sound, it’s true. Things are finally beginning to feel more normal here in Bologna. After this crazy first month, it is nice to feel settled in somewhere that I feel is my own. That “foreigner” phase… Continue Reading →

Exploring Italy – Ravenna and Urbino

Hey everyone! So I’m dedicating this post to summing up some amazing trips I’ve made this past month in Italy. Throughout the month of September we have been learning about some early history in Italy and these two trips to… Continue Reading →


Americanization. This is a term I just made up on my way home today. Since I have a pretty long walk back home everyday, it’s a perfect time for me to reflect and ponder on thoughts for a solid 25-30… Continue Reading →

The little things

Well the last time I posted I was in the extremely stressful situation of finding an apartment to live in. I ended with saying I had found a place I truly liked and was waiting on a response and guess… Continue Reading →

Housing, yes it is complicated.

The first week in Bologna has been quiet eventful. My first sight of this city came as we flew into a sea of red rooftops epitomizing Bologna’s well known nickname, “La Rossa”. Right off the bat we had an orientation… Continue Reading →

The anticipated first post

Well, where to begin. In less than a week I will be boarding a flight from my sunny hometown of Tampa, Florida to Italy. No, not Rome, or Venice, or Milan, but Bologna, Italy. Not the most well known city… Continue Reading →

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