Have you ever paused to experience a sunset?

It’s like the end of the world as the sun sets the sky on fire until it dips below the horizon. Yet, as the world seemingly burns a sense of calm descends with it.

One of my all time favorite literary quotes is “Stay gold, Ponyboy” from S.E. Hinton’s the Outsiders.

Whenever I see a sunset I think of that quote and the moment when the world turns gold before it falls to darkness. But my favorite part about a sunset? My favorite part is that it means the sun is rising in the same bath of gold somewhere else.

I’ve decided to chase the sunset and soon, I’ll be travelling from Ithaca, NY all the way to Rome, Italy. As I chase the sunset around the globe I plan to share my experiences on this blog and I hope you’ll chase the sunset with me.

Remember, stay gold.