Half a World Away


Kagoshima and Back: Hitchhikers

Have you ever looked at the way that someone else looks at the world? Then again, perhaps a more poetic question would be “have you ever looked at someone, and realized that they were...


Kagoshima and Back: Lost Mother F***ers

Dwyane introduced himself to me as a “lost , black mother f***er from Tennessee.” “What a coincidence,” I thought. “I’m a lost white mother f***er from Michigan.” Though of course, all I actually responded...


Kagoshima and Back: Helping Hands

This post is about two people that I met on the train from Kumamoto to Kagoshima (which, on the advice of a friend, I was doing via a local line rather than bullet train)....


Last Fencing Practice

The following is a conversation I had just before heading to my last fencing practice at Doshisha: “Where are you going?” “Fencing practice!” “Still? The program is over though.” I guess my friend though...


Kagoshima And Back: Takazu

Hagi is a small town on the coast of the Sea of Japan, a few hours south of Izumo by train. If you were to visit, probably the first thing you’d notice is that...


Kagoshima And Back

In later October, I set off from Kyoto on a week long, solo journey to Kagoshima and back. However, (pardon me as I wax philosophical) that trip was not just a visit to southern...


Fencing: Competitions

I want to talk briefly about the two tournaments I went to this semester. On the whole, they were the same as any tournament in America, except for a few key differences. First, they...


Education: CLS vs KCJS

Last weekend I had dinner with Sanada-sensei, one of my teachers from CLS who happens to live in Kyoto. We talked about a number of things, including the differences between CLS and KCJS. As it...


Journal 12: Kyoto Museum for World Peace

We’ve spent most of this semester attempting to look for subversive narratives surrounding Kyoto’s historical sites, designed to twist the past to suit the needs of the present. Because of this, I think that...

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