Half a World Away


Just Living In The Inaka

I’m on vacation from research for a while, and so far it’s pretty great. On Sunday, I packed up in a hurry and got out of Tokyo as fast as possible. Actually, I got...


Inner Peace, Inner Growth

Once again sitting on a train as I ride from one fencing practice to another, I’ve decided that I need to start writing about my 2 weeks on the Zen trip. If I don’t...


Back on the Grid

Hi there. For those that were worried, I promise I’m still alive. Sorry for the long absence from this blog. I think it’s been around 4 weeks since I made a post…and as is,...


Still Not a City Boy

I’m currently sitting in the airport, waiting to meet up with the rest of the group for the zen trip (for reference: a 2 week trip run through Cornell, wherein students live in a...


Neither Here Nor There

Today, instead of actually writing about anything particularly relevant, I’m going to jot down some thoughts while also dumping a huge amount of pictures covering the second part of my time at Jichi. Pictures...


No Feet Left, Only Ankles

(Background, for readers who don’t know: Jichi Medical University and Cornell run a yearly exchange program. A few Jichi students visit Cornell every March, and a few Cornell students reciprocate in June. I am...


Here We Go Again

After a semester that both dragged on, and yet felt like it ended as soon as it started, I am back in Japan – for the 3rd time, now. I figure I’ll need an...


Kagoshima and Back: Old Friends

For the last leg of my trip to Kagoshima and back, I stopped in Okayama to visit my host family from when KCJS spent a weekend there as a group. Even now, my weekend...


Kagoshima and Back: Hitchhikers

Have you ever looked at the way that someone else looks at the world? Then again, perhaps a more poetic question would be “have you ever looked at someone, and realized that they were...

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