I collect people.  My dad has a beautiful collection of sea glass and my mom an impressive collection of tea figurines.  But I prefer people.  They don’t have to be friends or even people I like, just someone I understand.  Someone who, after watching and listening, I can sympathize with and even wrap his or her personality into a perfect, little box.  And since people continuously change, I can collect someone a million different times over our relationship.

I collect memories.  As an avid journaler, I write when I’m happy or sad or feel anything at all, which is always.  Usually my journals end up in my trash bin, but the very best memories are catalogued in my pretty, green journal that I carry with me everywhere.  That way, when I need a surprise paint party or magical garden brunch or fresh tracks on a ski trail, all I have to do is read a page out of my journal.

I collect moments.  With the click of a camera, time is frozen for eternity.  Even more fun than capturing moments is stealing them.  Strangers in the park exchanging smiles, a spring breeze robbing a dandelion of its seeds, these are the moments I most love to capture because these are the stories I get to write for myself.  On this adventure, I plan to write every story for myself.

Over the next couple of months, the people, memories, and moments I discover will be catalogued right here.  Venture to Scotland with me and we can explore the country together.  I promise, it is a trip worth taking.

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