Back to GH 3 times since December– New prespective on healthcare in GH, friendship and other updates ;-)

WOW! It’s been a while since my last blog posting back on December 17, 2010. My life has really changed a WHOLE lot and I have tons of updates for you.

First off, I want to thank my friends and readers who continue to read my blog and comment it even a whole year after my first entry! A lot of my experiences in Ghana are fun to describe and quite meaningful to me.  I really enjoy sharing all of my thoughts and getting feedback from everyone. Also, I really love hearing from the people who contact me because they are moving to Ghana or have a similar passion for GH and international medicine!

Now, lets not beat around the bush! Let me get straight to the point– do to a series of unfortunate circumstances, I was able to get a first hand experience of the medical system in Ghana.  Specifically, I learned about the Neurosugery department at Korle Bu and I also got to know several nurses and doctors in the ICU, sterile recovery wards, and [highly] non-sterile recovery wards. At first, I did not want to blog about my experiences right away, but its been over a half of a year since the incident and unfortunate situation occurred.  I will dedicate a whole blog entry specifically on what I saw related to the hospitals in Ghana.

In addition, I got to spend a lot of time with Dr. Naa and her family. I am very grateful for their support, mentorship, and hospitality during my several trips to Ghana. I know I will always have a home and a family to count on whenever I travel to Accra 🙂 I had a lot of great experiences interning with Dr. Naa as well as spending time with her 4 lovely kids. I really enjoyed spending time discussing ways of expanding West Africa Aids Foundation and opportunities overseas with Mr. Eddie Donton, CEO of WAAF, Dr. Naa’s husband. The whole family is a joy to be around and I love rememebering all of our fun times together. I know our relationship between their family and my family will continue to grow and we hope to collaborate on some future endevors in AIDS prevention and treatment.

Also, I will delve right in and explain how I’ve been able to continue to live my incredible GH lifestyle even now that I am back in the States! Well, I am not living a GH lifestyle per se since I am living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I am working a few jobs and starting school in a few weeks.. But I have INCREDIBLE Ghanaian friends here in NY! All of the deep connections and bonding experiences I mentioned in my previous blogs accurately describe the friendships I am forming here. I am still a part of the Ghanaian community and my friends continue to include me in EVERYTHING, which I am very grateful for! I feel like I finally found my niche and I know where I fit in. I feel like my friends play a large role in creating a fun, loving, hilarious, supportive, entertaining, nurturing environment! This experience is best described as taking GH and placing it in NYC. I couldn’t be happier about my new friends! Like in Ghana, we have tons of fun but I also know that they will always be here for me and I can always count on them to be supportive and understanding. I am also learning to be better person and a better friend. I realized part of what I love about my Ghanaian friends is that they are TRUE friends and they are not afraid to tell you the truth, even if its not what you want to hear! I am able to grow from these experiences and feedback is key. I am learning how to be a more patient person, a better listener, and to be even more open about my thoughts. As a result, I have gotten quite creative and poetic lately, and I can definitely thank my source of inspiration for that 🙂

People always ask me when I am going back to Ghana. The answer is this simple: As soon as someone pays for my flight or whenever I am able to find enough grant money to travel! My best friend here in the states (of course a Ghanaian) needs to get his visa situation together so we can travel! I want to go back to Ghana with a bunch of my NY Ghanaian friends because I know they will make the flight and the trip 1000000x more exciting. No matter where they go, they still have the perfect combo of NY/GH swag! I know I write about this combo all of the time, but NY and GH are really best of both worlds, so the people who live in and experienced both atmospheres are really dynamic and exciting to me. I love being around you guys SO MUCH 🙂 😉 😀 :-*

I have SO much more to say about our GH adventures here and abroad.. This entry is just an intro. There is a lot to update <3 <3

<3 <3 Peace and Love <3 <3

6 thoughts on “Back to GH 3 times since December– New prespective on healthcare in GH, friendship and other updates ;-)

  1. Excellent perception to watch Dude…. Really glad to learn this impressive post!! The journey made by you in Ghana is wonderful. Thanks for this nice post 🙂

  2. Hi there, I’ve been commenting on your blog posts on the CIEE website.

    I was wondering, how did you meet the Ghanaians in NYC? Or did you know them before you went to Ghana?


  3. From this post it seems like you enjoyed visiting Ghana .I love this country as i’ve visited it many a times as my aunt resides there 🙂

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