Vodafone Scam, European Ownership

Everything is not sweet in Ghana.  When it comes to European owned businesses and imperialism, there are several cases of inequality and scams. The only one I will touch on in this entry is Vodafone.

I was very skeptical of the Vodafone 40-40 plan from the start. The plan claims it will change all of your calls to only 8 peswas/ min (less then 8 cents a minute). Sounds good right, compared to 14 p./ min. WRONG! Because this rate only affects local calls. You still have to pay the same amount to call the states (which recently skyrocketed to 47 p. / min to call international cell phones and something around 16 p. / min for international landline calls). Also, without the 40-40 plan, you will receive a 75% bonus on the credit you purchase if you spend 10 GC or more. For example, if you pay 10 GC, you will actually receive 17.5 GC in credit. I did the math and I figured out that you get 125 min for local calls on the original plan and you also get 125 min for local calls on the 8 p/min plan (40-40 plan).  The difference is that on the original plan, you are receiving 17.5 GC of credit compared to only 10 GC of credit on the 40-40 plan.  On the 40-40 plan, you have less credit for text messaging and less credit for making international calls.

In conclusion, the 40-40 plan is a scam.  If you are an international student or a person who makes even one international call, you are at a disadvantage.  Also, if you are a person who sends one or more text messages, you are also at a disadvantage.  The math is very easy to figure out.  I called Vodafone and spoke to one of their representatives and asked them to do the math with me and they got the same results.  40-40 is a complete scam.

Vodafone is a European owned phone company that is receiving the majority of the profit (if not all) from Vodafone users in Ghana.  I hope more Ghanaians are made aware about this 40-40 scam and I hope they do not fall into Vodafone’s trap.

One thought on “Vodafone Scam, European Ownership

  1. I failed to figure out why European owned companies in Africa failed to uphold the same state, good service and honesty the show in European countries. such scam are also in every telephone sector in Africa!

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