Back in Ithaca

Well, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been back from Tanzania, but it hasn’t been long since I’ve had my laptop! But let’s rewind for a second. Our final week in Tanzania consisted of preparing and then presenting our research projects for a number of local community members and scientists that came to camp […]

Every Night

Every night, we go out of camp and watch the sunset. We sit in front of the gate, at the edge of a field with our toes in the soil. We sit in a line, shoulder-to-shoulder, our backs to the dirt road behind us. We watch the clouds transform and shift as they float overhead. […]


On Saturday for our third-to-last (!) non-program-day, our Student Affairs Manager, Mike, arranged with our Program Director and the head of SFS to allow us to take a day trip to Arusha, one of the close bigger cities in Northern Tanzania! We woke up bright and early for a quick breakfast and piled into the […]

Polarized Mswakini Chini and Mswakini Juu

After our final days of data collection in the two villages Mswakini Chini and Mwsakini Juu, we’ve officially finished the first part of Directed Research.   On the final day of data collection, Maria and I met with some locals for a focus group to talk about the Wildlife Management Area (WMA) in a collective […]

A Change in Plans

(Note:  This post is from 4/22/15 and is being posted late due to lack of functioning internet recently) The past week at SFS Tanzania has consisted of Directed Research data collection–the first step in piecing together our research papers. I am part of the Environmental Policy group (my first choice, ahead of Wildlife Ecology and […]


Last week, I spent an incredible week in Serengeti National Park.  We saw lions, tigers, and bears!  Just kidding.  But we did see lions, and a whole host of other wildlife. We left early on Sunday morning for Ngorongoro Conservation Area, a “crater” that can essentially be described as “a bowl of animals.”  The crater […]

Another week, another assignment…

This week, unlike most weeks here in Tanzania, has been, dare I say it? Almost…boring.   Okay, that’s not entirely true. I’m in Tanzania—that in and of itself is definitely not boring. But compared to our previous weeks doing game drives in National Parks and interviewing Maasai on resource use, this week has been less […]

Human-Wildlife Conflict

(This post is a little delayed due to lack of internet and our week away from camp)   Two Saturdays ago, we had a field exercise for Environmental Policy that consisted of interviewing Maasai in Mswakini Village on their conflicts with local wildlife. Mswakini Village is adjacent to Tarangire National Park, a large park in […]


*Warning:  this post deals with the death of an animal and is therefore a bit graphic.   “Mbuzi” is the Swahili word for goat.   Goats are very frequently seen here in Tanzania, as they are both a food and economic staple for many citizens.  Goats are raised for their milk and meat, even more […]

Transect in Rhotia

Along with all of the Safari fun I’ve had in our Wildlife Ecology class, I’ve also been thoroughly enjoying our Environmental Policy class.  One of the main focuses of our class is on using local knowledge to deal with natural resource conflict.  On Saturday, we did a “transect walk” in Rhotia, which essentially consists of traveling […]

Safari, Day 1

Today was a day of many sights. In the morning, most of us woke up at about 5:20 to go for a sunrise hike. We grumbled out of bed and to the gate, but after a few groggy minutes, we started to wake up and get excited for our trip.  We walked for about half […]

Non-Program Day in Karatu

I think I’m in love with Tanzania. Too soon?  Probably.  But who doesn’t believe in love-at-first-sight? Today was our first “non-program day,” meaning we didn’t have any classes at Moyo Hill.  So instead, after eating our breakfasts of eggs, toast, watermelon, and Tanzanian pancakes (they are thinner and sweeter, almost crepe-like), and packing our lunches, […]

Made it!

After a collective 32 hours of travel time from Burlington, Vermont to Arusha, Tanzania, I am finally in a bed.  My legs and shoulders ache, and I’m woozy from the inconsistent air pressure, but I’m here.     Tonight, the 30+ other students and I are staying in a hotel.  Or, let me edit that […]

¡Hola!–err, Jambo!

For the past month and a half, I have been readying myself for my trip to Panama.  I read up about the culture, started gathering my bathing suits and shorts, and practiced my Spanish every night.  But, as is custom with trips abroad, something didn’t work out exactly as planned. Last Thursday when I was […]