Finals and FOMO: A Lethal Combination

Budapest is in full swing now that Spring has finally sprung. Within a day, the streets are now full of tourists and locals, alike, soaking in some Vitamin D along the Danube, outside cafes and restaurants, in the parks and squares. Budapest looks nearly unrecognizable. It is almost as if I have not spent the last four months riding the 2 tram up and down the Danube, as if I have not walked through the state park or Margaret Island. Spring has brought sun, fun, and a serious case of FOMO (aka fear of missing out).

This view is the reason I feel like I am missing out. During my hike up the baby Gellert Hill, I saw the beauty of my city in a different light. Literally in more light. Coming in the winter, although it was beautiful, it was gray and dark, and now, everything is blooming. How could I not feel a tinge of sadness? Now, Budapest decides it wants to look beautiful, now that I am almost going home. How rude, Buda.


I am, without a doubt, missing out on the breathtaking views, but I have to remember I am not only a traveler, I am a student, and I have responsibilities! Instead of joining the fun, my responsibilities include sitting inside a stuffy, overcrowded library trying to bang out my final papers. Trying being the operative word. I am currently in the worst phase of writing where I know what I want to write, I know the references to support my theories; however, I need to just write it.  Some may call it procrastination, I call it the creative brainstorming process. So, I thought, if I shift writing gears for a bit, maybe, hopefully, it will spur some inspiration…

…still no epiphany or pressure to type as fast as my thoughts are flowing, in fact, my thoughts are the quietest they have ever been… I will get there…

Wish me luck!!