Hello friends, family and curious strangers!

My name is Cassie (comó casi-casi)

I am your average small town coffee addict who knows way too much about how to make caffeinated drinks and not enough about practical things like how to replace steering fluid in my car (although I do try to learn). My blog, “Pursuit of the Perfect Cappuccino,” will portray the beautiful cultures of Geneva, Switzerland, Paris, France, Brussels, Belgium, and maybe a few extra surprise stops, along the way to finding a sublime steamed lactose drink that truly satisfies the high standards of  a once overworked barista.

The title of my blog was inspired by the novel Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins, suggested to me by the lovely Sarah Lam.  I just finished the book and I highly recommend to anyone who finds that being home for the holidays is a little slow-moving, that they should read it for a fun escape into eccentric prose and witty fiction. In the story, the protagonist is perpetually searching for the “perfect taco” while she participates in other more fantastical adventures. Like the taco for Priscilla, cappuccinos are my comfort. I order them everywhere I travel to. While I experience culture shock, changing ideals and new encounters in the SIT Switzerland Program, Multicultural Diplomacy and International Relations, my yin-yang drink of frothy white and smooth dark will remain a constant.

Situated on the sixth floor of MoMA right now is an art exhibit named, “Our Heads are Round so that Our Thoughts Can Change Direction.” Having seen it and not feeling overwhelmingly altered by Picabia’s modernist forms, I contend that not all thoughts can change–such as my love for cappuccinos–but I hope in the coming months to articulate the moments and experiences that at least nudge them tangentially.

Hopeful Wishes from Saratoga Lake NY,



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8 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Going to have a lot of fun reading your exploits, Cassie! Enjoy your travels and Best Wishes to you always. – Mrs. Davis

  2. Cassie Anne!

    I am so excited to follow all of your adventures through this blog and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit!

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