Let’s Get Started!

IMG_6935Hej! My name is Amelia Brackett, and I am a junior at Cornell University. I am majoring in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality studies and am minoring in Education and Psychology. My dream is to become a teacher, and over the summer I taught 7th grade writing to high-achieving, low-income students in Brooklyn, New York. This was one of the most powerful experiences of my life, and I am glad to begin my semester abroad with such a positive and open mindset. I am currently studying Prostitution and the Sex Trade through DIS, which is a Scandinavian study abroad institute.

Copenhagen will be my home base for the next semester. At today’s orientation meeting, I was asked what I wish to accomplish by the end of the semester. My answer went something like this: as a Gender Studies major, issues regarding prostitution are imperative for me to understand, namely in the ways that they shape societal constructions of both gender and sex.

I admit, my views regarding the impact of prostitution, the sex trade, and, by extension, pornography and human trafficking are underdeveloped, so I hope to come to a better understanding of how the dark side of human relationships effects our attitudes in the light of day. I do realize that I have some pretty big goals for myself. But, this program has everything from guest speakers to study tours in Amsterdam and Sweden. So, I think I’ll be able to codify some ideas come December! It will be a crazy interesting journey! I’m ready to get STARTED.

unnamed-3First, I have to address some simple rules. This will help you follow my blog and truly appreciate all that it (hopefully) has to offer.

1) All of the pictures that I post will be Amelia Brackett originals. This will help you view Europe through my lens (literally). Yes, the two images on this page represent the classic Nyhavn shot. You can see all of the colorful cafes, restaurants, and bars that Copenhagen has to offer. NOTE: pictures of me will obviously be taken by my friends and strangers I meet along the way…except for the selfies, those are all mine.

2) As I stated above, I taught 7th grade writing this summer. Breakthrough New York, which is the nonprofit organization I worked for, does a fabulous job of recognizing nuance within communities, and therefore one rule this summer was, “Always speak from the ‘I’ perspective.” I am stealing this rule. I suppose blogs are, by definition, from the ‘I’ perspective. But, I think it is an important rule to enforce: I am not making any generalizations about external cultures and am simply articulating how I interpret various Europe locations.

3) Comment, comment, comment! It is my duty as the author to write, however it is your duty as the reader to comment. What do you like? What do you dislike? What do you want to learn about? I appreciate constructive criticism!

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