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globeMy name is Amber and I am a student in the Department of Natural Resources and Institute for Public Affairs (CIPA) at Cornell University.  This year I will be located in Brazil’s Amazon working on my honors thesis. The Amazon, the largest rainforest and second-longest river on Earth, has attracted a handful of my adventurer heroes including Teddy Roosevelt, Percy Fawcett, Indiana Jones and Flynn Carsen. And like them, I look forwardto Brazil’s promise of pure adventure, that is, evading its obvious perils—from vector-borne diseases and rabid spider monkeys to modern-day slavery and swamp-dwelling anacondas–and experiencing its awesome sights like Belem’s Carnaval-decorated streets, Ilha do Marajó’s white-sand beaches, Manaus’ indigenous reserves, and all around, the Frontier region (Brazil’s “Wild West”). In my spare time, I hope to do a bit of samba dancing, hiking, canoeing, wildlife photography, and of course, writing of my experiences with spirituality, human connection, social justice, and environmental reconciliation. Stay tuned for some awesome stories and please read up more on this wonderful country.