learning to survive and maybe even thrive: five months in Paris

Aprovechando (or, Learning how much of my own company I can take)

This week I decided to try my hand at solo travel, since I’ve had the luck of company for most of my journeys, both during my semester abroad and over the course of my life. Admittedly, my decision to travel alone… Continue Reading →

Deux langages, deux personalités

En français, je me décrirais comme quelqu’un un peu timide, et quelqu’un qui n’est pas toujours assez confiante pour faire des blagues ni pour démontrer son enthousiasme pour la vie. J’essaie de parler avec seulement des phrases directes pour ne pas… Continue Reading →

La mort de la distance

I’d swear the world is getting smaller. Every time I travel, it shrinks a little bit more. In the past twelve months, I have traveled in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, France, England, and now Belgium (I just hit… Continue Reading →

“Faire-ing the bisous”

This weekend, I finally spent some time with Parisians of my own age, which was great because a lot of us Americans have been talking about how difficult it has been to make French friends. On Saturday, I went to… Continue Reading →

American solidarity abroad

Last week one of my professors said, “French people always think that French culture is the best culture in the world.” I don’t think many Americans would make that same declaration about our culture (even if many Americans say “the… Continue Reading →

L’esprit des lieux

The other day, I saw a cracked and fading mural on a wall that said “L’esprit des lieux.” The spirit of places, translated literally. Sense of place. Parts of the mural were completely gone due to weathering, and much of… Continue Reading →

Two universities, one lost student

We spent the entirety of orientation week (last week) hearing about how different the “système français” is from the system at American universities, and just about everything we heard sounded very intimidating and confusing. So naturally we were all feeling… Continue Reading →

A Meditation on Stuff

On my way home from Cornell for winter break, I found myself trying to fit three suitcases worth of stuff, in the most literal and boring sense of the word, into one suitcase and one duffel. This was after I’d… Continue Reading →

Avant le départ

I’m packing! Stay tuned for updates on my chaotic departure progress.

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