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Budapest Bares All, Part II: Not so hungry anymore!

June 20, 2008 Today, I’d like to focus on the gastronomical discoveries I’ve made for myself. Most of these are short and sweet. 1. Paprika, Paprika, Paprika Let’s begin at the beginning. Paprika is the most popular and widely used spice in Hungary. Don’t be skeptical. It’s delicious! There are entire shops dedicated to paprika […]

Budapest Bares All, Part I: Transportation

June 11, 2008 As promised, I present my first segment on the surprising, the strange and the sketchy that Budapest has to offer. I devote Part 1 to an essential (and often enigmatic) part of my urban routine: public transportation.   1. Musically-Inclined Transportation The metro and the newer buses and trams play a fun […]

Back & Blogging in Buda!

June 9, 2008 Dear readers, Please forgive me for my hiatus from this blog and the wonderful experience it has granted me. I think that because I get to write these posts, I have seen my foreign home through a more curious and perhaps a more critical set of eyes, and I’m very grateful for […]




  • Budapest Metro System Homepage! - The metro in Budapest is fun, charming, and it plays a little tune at every stop. A different tune for every line! Click the link to hear how just how cute they are. Seriously!
  • Budapest, Lonely Planet Style - Here in Budapest, I live by my Lonely Planet guide! The online version provides a short and sweet overview of what the city is all about. Take a look!
  • CEU/Bard College Study Abroad - Click here to learn more about how you, too, can come to study abroad at CEU!
  • Cornell Abroad Website - Click here to access the Cornell Abroad main website. Take a look around, and check out all of the great programs available through Cornell!
  • Cornell CU Abroad Home! - Check out the Google map at the bottom to find out all of the places I, and my fellow Cornell bloggers, have stayed or visited this semester!


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