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First-Year M.R.P. Students Pursue Dual Degree Tracks

headshots of two women with different backgrounds
Kate Flaherty (left) and Chasidy Miles (right) / provided

First-year graduate students Kate Flaherty (M.R.P./M.L.A ’22) and Chasidy Miles (M.R.P./M.P.S. RE ’22) will be pursuing the dual degree programs offered with the M.R.P program at Cornell. Kate will be pursuing her Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree through the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Chasidy will be pursuing her Real Estate degree offered by the Baker Program in Real Estate, a program uniquely housed between the SC Johnson College of Business and Cornell AAP.

After completing her first studio class in the Landscape Architecture department this past spring semester, Kate felt enrolling in the MLA program will expand her knowledge in understanding design and environmental systems to inform her understanding of planning.

“I believe that informed political, social, and cultural understanding of both a community and space are fundamental to meaningful design outcomes. In the MRP program, I learn how urban environments operate on a socio-political scale. Through the MLA program, I can harness my technical skills and understanding to apply to the design of natural and urban landscapes. I love the way both programs intersect, complement, and challenge one another.”

Since beginning her graduate studies at Cornell, Chasidy has been actively involved in several organizations supporting local entrepreneurship and economic development efforts. Her experiences in supporting these local endeavors motivated her to pursue the Real Estate degree.

“My work in community engagement taught me that impactful development requires all stakeholders (the community, planning, real estate, etc.) to work in concert with one another. I felt the Baker program would serve as an advantageous compliment in my efforts to cultivate healthy, sustainable, and inclusive neighborhoods.”


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