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Month: October 2019

Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Community Based Organizations and the Development of Political Influence in Immigrant Communities

By Luke Bianco, ’19 Abstract: This thesis sought to identify the role of community-based organizations (CBOs) in the development of political influence of U.S. immigrant…

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Resistance and Engagement in the Smart City: A Case Study in Community Participation Initiatives in Boston and Toronto

By Isabel Ling ’19 Abstract: As more multinational companies attempt to institute large-scale urban smart cities projects, they face an increasing amount of resistance from…

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Undergraduate Honors Thesis: Why is the Bus Stuck? Using Archived Automated Vehicle Location Data for the Estimation and Categorization of Bus Transit Delay

By Ehab Ebeid ’19 Abstract: In this project, Ebeid implemented software that transportation planners can use to understand the sources of bus transit delay at…

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