Fundraising Leader Toolkit

Being a fundraising leader is an important and rewarding role. As the project team leader, you are the point of contact between Alumni Affairs and the project team. In this role, you are responsible for overseeing project progress and submitting project requirements.

All projects are tasked with writing campaign updates, creating a campaign video, and sending thank you notes. These tasks can be delegated to other team members. Remember, it is the fundraising leader’s responsibility to make sure tasks are completed.

We recommend meeting with your project team weekly throughout the process. Your Alumni Affairs staff contact will check in regularly. They will keep track of your progress and remind you of important due dates.

Here are some helpful tools to keep your project team on task and ensure success.

Pre-launch training

Project leader training includes two one-hour sessions in the weeks before your project launches. Trainings are pre-recorded and available online so they can be accessed anytime.

Content strategy training
Recorded September 2020
This first training covers content strategy. We’ll show you how to use the admin dashboard and how to build your campaign page.



Communication training
Recorded January 2017
This training is for all team members. It covers communication strategies for the duration of the campaign.



Communication plan and audit

The key to crowdfunding success is a solid communication plan. After your application is approved, your team will work through a communication audit. Then, submit a final plan to the Alumni Affairs Crowdfunding Team. This shared plan will help us partner on communication efforts.

There are lots of ways to spread the word about your crowdfunding project. Complete the communication audit to help you think through all your communication channels.



Email templates

  1. Launch announcement: Project appeal
  2. Early campaign update and request for support
  3. Mid-campaign update and request for support
  4. Final campaign update and request for support
  5. Campaign summary and thank you



Need help?

The Alumni Affairs Crowdfunding Team is here for you. You can schedule one-on-one help during crowdfunding office hours. Reach out any time with questions.