How It Works

Crowdfunding campaigns have a set timeframe ranging from 30-45 days. Cornell Alumni Affairs is currently seeking projects with a minimum fundraising goal of $5,000. Groups interested in launching a fall project should submit an application.

Apply for Cornell Crowdfunding

All project teams complete a thoughtful application process. Start by submitting a crowdfunding application. A member of the Alumni Affairs Crowdfunding Team will contact you. In order to complete the application you will need to identify at least 10 members of your project team.

Project kick-off

During your kick-off meeting, you’ll set a project goal, scope out a video plan, and get a basic understanding of next steps. Then, we will grant you access to your very own project page on the Cornell Crowdfunding website. Your team will have editorial access on this page.

Before we can get the ball rolling, everyone needs to be on board. All team members need to know what it takes to launch a crowdfunding project. We’ll ask the project leader to confirm that these expectations have been shared.

Following the kick-off, you’ll need to watch our online training modules, complete a communications audit, and create your project page. These training sessions will help you develop your project page’s content and a communication strategy. Project teams that do not complete these steps in a timely manner rarely meet their fundraising goal.

Alumni Affairs is here to help

When you reach 30% of your goal, we’ll share your project across Cornell alumni social channels. We do our best to provide video support to teams that need it. We’re are available to review page content, communication plans, outreach emails, and any other materials you need help with. We can also help identify marketing channels and target audiences for your outreach.
Have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask.