Crowdfunding Roles


Approved crowdfunding project (see eligibility requirements)
Project team
Communication plan
Pre-launch training

Project team

Project teams must have at least 10 people in leadership or ambassador roles. The larger the project goal, the larger the project team should be. All project team members will complete crowdfunding training before launch. There are three key roles that make up each project team.

  1. Fundraising leader
  2. Project sponsor
  3. Project ambassadors

Fundraising leader

The fundraising leader is the point of contact between Alumni Affairs and the project team. This person is responsible for overseeing project progress and submitting project requirements. All projects are tasked with writing campaign updates, creating a campaign video, and sending thank you notes. These tasks can be delegated to other team members. Remember, it is the fundraising leader’s responsibility to make sure tasks are completed.

Project sponsor

The project sponsor is a Cornell faculty or staff member. This person acts as a liaison between the project team and Alumni Affairs and Development staff. This person is responsible for providing fund information. They will oversee the project’s fundraising and long-term stewardship strategy

Project ambassadors

Project ambassadors are volunteers committed to fundraising on behalf of the project. Ambassadors must complete our Communications Training and identify at least 20 personal contacts. Each ambassador is required to send at least 5 emails to their contact list during the campaign. These emails include pre-launch announcements, campaign updates, and donor thank yous.

Ambassadors can also support the project leader with other aspects of the campaign. They can write campaign updates, appear in a campaign video, or send thank you notes.