Ambassador Toolkit

Tools for Crowdfunding Ambassadors

Ambassadors are the key to every successful crowdfunding campaign. As an ambassador you are responsible for identifying at least 20 personal contacts. Think of friends and family who might be interested in contributing to your campaign. In this role, you are required to send at least 5 emails to your contact list. These emails are spread out during the course of the month-long campaign.

The emails include:

  1. Launch announcement: Project appeal
  2. Early campaign update and request for support
  3. Mid-campaign update and request for support
  4. Final campaign update and request for support
  5. Campaign summary and thank you

As an ambassador, you might be called upon to support the project lead with other aspects of the campaign. You can write campaign updates, appear in a campaign video, or send thank you notes.

Here are some helpful tools to keep your project team on task and ensure success.

Communication training
Recorded January 2017

Our communication training is a one-hour session. This must be completed in the weeks before your project launches. The training is pre-recorded and available online. It is accessible anytime for your convenience.

Email templates

There are lots of ways to spread the word about your crowdfunding project. We know that personal email outreach is by far the best way to reach people. Sharing your project link in an email offers them a convenient way to give to your campaign. Use these email templates for your outreach. Make them as personal as possible wherever you can.

Emails to your personal contacts:

Campaign launch
Gathering momentum
Halfway mark
Almost there

Emails to campaign donors:

Halfway mark
Almost there
Campaign end

Tracking your progress

Gifts and dollars raised are published on your project’s webpage in real time. Project leaders will have access to donor reports from the platforms admin dashboard.

Individual team members can sign up through the platform to be an ambassador. Each ambassador will have a unique link to share. With this tracking link you can track how much money you have raised from your efforts.

Need help?

The Alumni Affairs Crowdfunding Team is here for you. You can schedule one-on-one help during crowdfunding office hours. Reach out any time with questions.