Public Communications and Outreach

Public-facing articles by CRC leaders and team members:

Marzano, Annalisa. May 20, 2020. “Walking, Talking and Showing Off – A History of Roman Gardens.” The Conversation.

Feito, Jessie. December 2, 2019. “Reading Classics doctoral student takes part in the Casa della Regina Carolina Excavation Project at Pompeii.” Classics at Reading blog.

The CRC Project in the media:

Wilensky, Joe. March 3, 2020. “Faculty Forge Archaeology Partnership at Pompeii.” Cornell Chronicle.

Pradhan, Priya. March 3, 2020. “Einaudi Center Awards Eight Faculty Grants.” Cornell Chronicle.

Leonard, Ben, and Jarrett A. Lobell. July/August 2019. “Digging Deeper into Pompeii’s Past.” Archaeology 72.4: 26–35.