Survey and Mapping

LiDAR-generated house plan for CRC
Plan of the Casa della Regina Carolina (outlined in red) and adjacent dwellings as they stood in 79 CE. The large open space labeled as Room 14 is the 79 CE garden area. The Casa della Regina Carolina house plan and garden topography both derive from LiDAR scanning in 2018 (provided by Taylor Layton, Layton Echo Group LLC, and William Krueger). This new, project-generated map is here shown embedded within an older insula map from the Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project, positioning the house within its local neighborhood.

We are using Total Station and LiDAR survey to create a complete, updated new plan of the Casa della Regina Carolina. This aspect of the project seeks to record the standing architecture as well as the contours and elevations of the garden area. We are carrying out a complete LiDAR scan in order to create a digital record and map of the house and to document the topographic surface of the garden. LiDAR scanning has produced a near-complete plan of the house and of the pre-excavation topography of the garden. We are also using a Total Station to map the extent and location of standing architecture in the garden area and create a topographical map of the garden (coordinated with the LIDAR scan).

The project architect prepares final plans, sections, and elevations of excavated architecture and garden construction. These are entered into a master CAD plan for sharing with the Parco Archeologico di Pompei, as well as for 3D modeling and publication. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software is also used to map the locations of stratigraphic units, artifacts, and other excavated data. All data generated by survey and excavation is entered into a GIS database. The resulting coordination of all stratigraphic, artifactual, paleobotanical, faunal, geological, and spatial data facilitates the identification of activity areas and changing patterns of site use over time.

Surveying with Total Station in 2019
Surveying with Total Station in 2019